of spending time outdoors + walkway paving

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there is no other perfect way to spend a beautiful sunny day than to go outside + play under the sun, right? in fact one of my favorite activities to do with my mum is to go to the local park on a lazy sunny day + spend the rest of our afternoon there. i love running from here to there, marveling at the big open sky, counting the tall trees or checking out the people milling about, smiling at everyone.

one of the things i enjoy when we go out on the park is making a beeline to those cool grass-laden or paved walkways. we’ll have endless fun walking down the path over + over again, much like what i am doing in the photo, which was taken last summer during my swimming class.  i particularly love treading the narrow foot path with loads of enthusiasm, while mum keeps up behind me. i bet a lot of people have painstakingly took the time putting all those textured stone slabs onto the ground, people that provides Install it Direct temecula paving services, i guess, or anyone of the same type found locally. thanks to these guys who took time to perfect this difficult job, toddlers like me can have hours + hours of fun traipsing paved walkways in parks, resorts, malls + the likes! 😀

come to think of it, it has been awhile since i went out with mum on the park, blame on the bad weather + the rain that has been keeping us cooped up at home against our will. the clear blue sky hints of a great hot weather to look forward to + i hope we can spend some time in the park real soon!

what is your favorite thing to do on a hot, sunny day like today? 🙂

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colorful new toddler stuff

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we got out last friday + went to the mall. mum + dad got me these colorful new stuff. mum said i needed new shirts, pajamas, shorts + other things badly since most of what i own are now either too fit or way to small for me to wear. so off we went shopping. of course, i was just running all over the place while my mum checks out the clothes on display racks + dad runs after me, hardly keeping up!

after about half an hour, mum’s got me several muscle shirts, a bunch of colorful sandos, which is a departure from my usual whites, to wear at home or when i sleep, a new set of mickey mouse underpants + this cool lightning mcqueen shirt. i guess you can tell that i am such a happy camper! ^_^

toddler, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, colorful things, children's clothing

apart from all the new clothes, mum also got me this cool lightning mcqueen plushy, ain’t he cute? 😉

sharing my colorful things to:


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kids in doodles: a photo with batman

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we have not gone out much for the last 2 weeks because of the bad weather. it was a good thing the sun finally came out of its hiding place + chased the rain away. finally mum + i were able to go out last saturday. the timing is quite perfect as the activefun voucher mum purchased a few months back is about to expire in a few days. so off we went for one afternoon of playtime fun! 😀

we enjoyed the experience very much, as usual, even if there were too many children in the play area at the time + it was so noisy because of a party that is taking place on the other side of the place. mum also had a great time giving the slide a go! 😀

kids in doodles, weekend, out + about, playtime

unfortunately our camera ran out of battery that day. the only photos mum managed to snap are these ones where i posted in front of the batman poster, which we passed by on our way to activefun. sorry if the photos are a tad blurry! we were not able to catch this film yet, i just hope the weather continues to get better so we can go out again while it is still showing in cinemas.

what are your doodle stories for this week? do not forget to join us + include one of the badges found here. i’ll look forward to your entries, right? oh, + by the way, you might also like to check out our let’s celebrate august giveaway while you’re here 😉

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let’s celebrate august {a giveaway}

giveaways, announcement

although a lot of people are suffering today because of the devastation that the bad weather brought to our country recently, i see no reason why we cannot celebrate this month anyway. we ought to thank god that we are alive after all that’s happened + we ought to celebrate the many people who try to reach out to the victims of floods anywhere + those who wanted to help in whatever little way we can.

i personally have so many reasons to celebrate this awesome month of august. apart from being our birthday month {i will be turning 3 + mum will be turning 33!}, august is also the birthday month of this little corner + we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary! woot! 😀

giveaways, announcement

 in line with this, i shall be giving this human heart nature kids loot worth Php500. The package shall include:

  • all natural spray sanitizer bubbly gum {50ml }
  • kids natural shampoo + body wash tangerine tarsier {50ml}
  • baby wash {50ml}
  • baby lotion {50ml}
  • baby oil {50ml} ~ not in photo
  • bug shield {50ml} ~ not in the photo
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diaper for a cause year 2

toddler for a cause, fund-raising for children

every year on his birthday, one of my online playmates go to the baguio general hospital pedia ward to give little gifts + spread cheer to the sick children + their parents there. this year will be no exception + he is now looking for sponsors who will be kind enough to let him continue doing this noble cause.

you may send monetary or donations in kind. simply check out diaper for a cause on facebook to know how.

remember the little ones are counting on you! thanks in advance for your help 😉


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