toddlermouth decoded

toddler, toddler talk

if the grown-ups had a dime for everytime thye decode our elusive toddlermouth {yep i got the inspiration from the potter film ;)}, i bet they’d be rich by now. after all, we do have our own unique ways of using our speech faculty + not most people are privy to their grown-up talk equivalent, right? some grown-ups would require to hire translations services to be quite successful. as for me, am glad that mum is getting by. i guess mums are especially equipped with the knack at deciphering their little ones’ odd language, whether they are comprised of funny hand gestures, guttural whimpers or unintelligible words. sure there are loads of times when i had to repeat myself before she fully understands what i am trying to say or those moments when she grapples in the dark about what i meant with what i said, but on the average, i must say she’s getting the hang of it!

mum is also particularly delighted whenever i learn to articulate new words, the latest of which is “quiet” complete with a gesture of my point finger to my lips + saying “ssshh.” mum was asking where i learned it but i cannot recall now. i’ve also learned a lot harry potter- related words as i’ve been watching loads of harry potter dvd’s of late. thanks to my tito ken who agrees to lend me his precious collection. in addition, i have also learned about the words: slippers, stairs, dvd, + gamot {which is our vernacular for medicine}.

oh well, needless to say, my vocabulary has improved a lot in the past months + mum + i are hoping i’d be able to learn a lot more real soon! 🙂

what are the new words that you’ve learned recently? i’d love to read about them 🙂

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kids in doodles: balloon fun

kids in doodles, my favorite things

one of the best things i love about parties {check out my post on my 3rd birthday celebration} are the balloons! they sure make parties more fun + enjoyable. i guess you can tell that i really had a wonderful time playing with my blue balloon in my party, i guess those pictures give it all away. although they make a frightening sound when they pop, balloons sure add color to any kid’s party + sure makes any occasion more livelier!

kids in doodles, my favorite things

here i am goofing off with my balloon in front of the camera! i was not able to bring this balloon home as it got lost while we were celebrating my birthday but we did have a wonderful time playing + clowning about. these balloons are sure created for fun! 😉

time for you to share your own kids in doodles stories, kindly include one of the badges found here in your post + visit as many playmates as you can to make this more fun! i’ll wait for your entries then! 😉

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kids + the not-so-child-friendly ads


kids + television, toddler
the toddler + the telly


mum + i spend a considerable amount of time in front of the telly + most of it is my own doing. i would normally ask her to turn it on so that i can watch my favorite cartoons + other programs that we’d like to see for each single day. mum is the most discretionary telly viewer + would always be quick to switch channels if in case a program which ought not to be seen by little children like me started. she would always tell me that this shows aren’t for kids + will be quick to note that it has an spg rating. so i agree almost all the day. + even when we get to see the evening news she would automatically switch to another telly network that is showing a more child-friendly program at the time if in case a sensitive or highly-violent photos + news suddenly pop up!

one of the things that she worries about a lot, though, are the adverts! some ads shown during prime time, or that time when most people, including little children watch the telly, seem like harmless ads, but mum was quick to note that they also show beer + other alcoholic drink ads round this time + will always tell me that i will never be allowed to drink those when i am bigger! she said it is not good for anyone’s health to develop a liking to these sorts of drinks. i bet she will even have some stop drinking tips at the ready if in case anyone of us in the house will be needing it {read: dad}. 🙂

oh well, i guess watching the telly on its own aren’t really that bad. in fact even mum agrees that it helps me with to learn new things + new words, too. probably it is just really up to the grown ups to make sure that we are watching all those kid-friendly stuffs all the time + it does pay to heed the tv rating/warning, too, just to always be on the safe side!

how about you have you been spending time in front of the telly too? what are your thoughts about those not-so-child-friendly ads?

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mickey mouse halloween event sign up

announcement, giveaways
i am back to share another free event sign up for all the bloggers out there!

event details:


1. {3} inflatable halloween mickey mouse

2. mickey mouse treat dvd

3. light-up jack-o-lantern mickey mouse  trick or treat bucket

giveaway dates are from 08 october until 22 october, it is open to us + canada residents only.

bloggers wanted:

simply write an announcement post + get 1 free link. you also have to agree to post the giveaway html on the date mentioned above + promote it at least 3x weekly during the duration of the event!

sign up here!

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