kids in doodles: my 3rd birthday party

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time again for another edition of kids in doodles. sorry that mum was not able to post one last week. we were a bit busy + you can also blame our crappy internet connection! anyway, here goes my doodle for this week. enjoy! 🙂

i recently celebrated my third birthday at a mcdonald’s branch in our city. it was one wonderful afternoon + although i had a little tantrum {must be because i did not take my afternoon nap} i enjoyed it a lot!

kids in doodles, celebrations, occasions, birthdays

i love the balloons, my toy story cake + cupcakes, the gifts + more importantly all the kids who went to celebrate with us! i was really most excited to see all these children at the same time. my cousins are there, playmates who were mum’s friends’ children, even a couple of my online playmates came to celebrate with us! my ninang chris, whom i have not seen in a while also came to my party, so did ronald mcdonalds + birdie!  😀

kids in doodles, celebrations, occasions, birthdays

we also had a number of games which i bet all my guests enjoyed much. i guess the only thing i did  not enjoy was the blaring loud music which was responsible for my tantrums in the first place.

all in all it was one wonderful birthday celebration i will always remember. thanks to everyone who joined us + for mum + dad for throwing this party for me! 🙂

how did you celebrate your last birthday?

it is your turn to share your doodle stories with us. don’t forget to include one of the badges found here + to hop on to other participants to make your playtime more fun!

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bloggers wanted for the secret garden playhouse event

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jump starting this month on the right track by calling all bloggers to sign up for the free event ~ the secret garden playhouse giveaway hosted by Mom to Bed by 8!

event details:

1. giveaway prize ~ little tikes secret garden playhouse

2. giveaway dates ~ 01 october up to 22 october

3. giveaway is open to us + canada residents only

what’s the blogger got to do:

1. put up the announcement post on your blog

2. you will receive one free link when you participate

3. post the giveaway on the date of the events + promote it 3 times a week!

sign up here

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