kids in doodles: how was your weekend?

doodlers round-up

here are a few of the things you ought to check out on our last week’s kids in doodles:

♥ this awesome dragon drawing by baby rj

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♥ all about mama tess, who is maithankfulheart‘s favorite person

thanks guys for joining, we really had a wonderful time reading about your posts! 😉

now on to this week’s kids in doodles. remember that we’ve put a playful twist + came up with weekly theme to make our game interesting? for this week our theme will be:

how was your weekend?

kids in doodles, weekend, out + about, playtime

we really a very eventful weekend last sunday. we went to the block in sm north to check out the newly-opened jamba juice branch. i was excited ’cause did not tell there’d be a fun play area for little ones like me! i really had a wonderful time going up + down the slides one too many times! mum helped me to the slides on most occasion, other times i am climbing it on my own! 🙂

i’ve also tried the trampoline, although it made me feel queasy that i only tried it for a few minutes. mum + i tried the blender bike, too, although i cannot try it out on my own since my legs are a bit tiny for the bike + i cannot reach the pedal just yet. hopefully in a few years time, i’d be able to ride that bike on my own!

i have also tried jamba juice for the first time + i’d say it did taste good! although i only had a few sips + cannot possibly finish a whole tumbler on my own, i would love to have some again soon!

kids in doodles, weekend, out + about, playtime

too bad we only had to stay for an hour with jamba juice as we have another event to go to!  mum, tita + i headed to the qc memorial circle where mum’s postcrosser friends are meeting up for their regular eye ball. i shall share more of that in another post. 😉

your turn to share your doodles! do not forget to include one of our badges found here + hop on to all the other participants. also, make sure to add social share buttons to your posts as mum would really love to share your fun doodle posts 😉

that’s about it for now. enjoy the rest of your tuesday! ^_^


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  1. wow, such a busy day for you jared! haven’t tasted jamba juice yet. will try that one of these days. and you have a photo with a celebrity there! how gwapo, both of you are. will be back later for my post. don’t have photos yet to go with it. see you again!

    1. ayayay, jared and mum vix, i have yet to post my KID. i just realized it’s thursday already. i will link up surely because I have made a collage of my post photos already, but can’t seem to make a post, hahaha. will be back surely this weekend. till then, enjoy the rest of the week!

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