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time again for another round of kids in doodles + we’re putting a twist to our  good ol’ meme by having a theme each week! how’s that sound to you? feel free to suggest next week’s theme in a comment below, right?+ for this week, our theme is:

 my favorite person

oh well, i bet mum + my titas will raise a stink if i declare that my tito is my favorite person, but i guess they’d understand, given that i do not see him too often + you’d rarely see us in a photo together. in fact, you will be hard up to find a photo with my tito in it. he shuns the camera as much as he can.

on my third birthday, though, he cannot avoid it any longer as the tantrum-stricken me decided to clung to him as much as i can + refused to go with anybody else. hence, our photos together. 😉

i know you can hardly see his face on those photos, but that is the best we’ve got + i am just glad to share with you my tito‘s photos. 🙂

okay, your turn to brag about your favorite person. do not forget to grab one of our badges here + include it in your post, right? include your post on our linky + hop on to the other participants’ entries to make this more exciting! 😉

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  1. Jared, I have something in common pala with your tito. I am also camera shy. good thing you were able to capture this bonding moment with him. glad to be back here after a long while. regards!

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