kids in doodles: where have you been recently?

hello again + happy monday everyone! time now for another round of kids in doodles + before we start off, i’d like to apologize for not posting one last week, mum + i were up to something + we were rather spending more time offline + outside that mum was not able to update not only this corner but most of her other blogs…

kids in doodle round-up:

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now on to this week’s doodle + our topic  is: the place you recently visited

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend

i know you little creatures are also jet-setters + wandering souls in the making, tagging along with the grown-ups to just about anywhere they go, may that be the grocers, the beach, the park, the mall, somewhere out-of-town or abroad! we’ve yet to go out of town + frenzy is building up at home courtesy of my mum for our upcoming vacation next month. but today, i will share about our little trip to the park in the city, the quezon memorial circle!

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend,

i was tagging along with mum for yet another one of her adventures + this time she’s meeting up with her friends who all love postcards {this is right after our weekend playday at the mall}. she was too busy with her postcards + her friends, it was a good thing we tag along my tita to keep me company + to run after me as we discover the park. it was a huge park + we’ve not seen a lot of it since we arrived a bit late + it started drizzling in the late afternoon.

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend

it was our first time in this park, although we’ve visited the neighboring park, ninoy aquino parks + wildlife, once before. this park is huge + there were a lot of kids with their families at the time. there are also loads of trees + flowers around + mum even photographed a few of them.

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend

we also went inside the memorial, that tall edifice in the middle which housed the tomb of the late president manuel quezon + his wife. too bad we were not able to explore the exhibit as the guided tour just ended when we got there. hopefully we’ll get to see it again some time. mum said we ought to go back since we only had limited time to look around. hopefully the next time we visit back, my tito will tag along! 😉

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  1. the qc circle is really a fun place. i was very surprised when we went there on a field trip. really a good place for kids to enjoy with the rides and the playgrounds. hope you get a chance to go there again. anyway, we haven’t gone anywhere lately but i have linked my sam’s birthday post to this week’s KID. i can’t seem to link using inlinkz but will try again tomorrow. have a great week ahead mum vix and jared!

    here’s my entry:

    1. thanks for joining + happy birthday to the little big man! added up your entry to the linky! 😉

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