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toddler, playtime, my favorite things

stickers are my absolute favorite, especially if they feature my most favorite cars characters. last week we visited one of favorite shops, the bookstore, + mum got me this issue of cars magazine {i shall share all my copies in a post soon}. what i love about this mag, aside from the colorful pictures of lightning mcqueen, tow mater + their other friends, are the colorful + big stickers that always go with each issue. i’ve put most of my old stickers to my sketch pad + for this new batch of stickers, mum gave me her black, hard-bound notebook so i have another place to put my stickers on.

toddler, my favorite things, playtime

we spent most of today’s late-afternoon having sticker fun. even mum enjoyed the activity + took a couple of snapshots of me, too!  of course mum had to help me with the bigger stickers so that i can put them onto my notebook, then i took care of the others on my own 😀

would you mind sharing about your love of this gooey, colorful + sticky stuffs in a comment below, i’d love to hear about them! 😉

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