grimms’ fairy tale on google doodle

Google doodles,

would you believe me when i tell you that i can now look for the google icon on our computer and look for the youtube tab where i watch my favorite cartoons + this amazing cars collection, too? better believe it!  🙂

anyways, i was doing exactly that this morning when mum noticed the cool interactive google doodle that was up on their site. it was all about grimms’ fairy tales and this collection of stories are celebrating its 200th birthday today! can you believe that?

the grimms’ brothers must have enjoyed collecting all those famous fairy tales in europe, + compiling them in one book. a lot of famous classic fairy tales are in this collection, including hansel and gretel, rumpelstiltskin, little red riding hood, + one of our favorites, rapunzel {thanks to the disney movie adaptation, which i have seen numerous times with mum :)}  maybe i should ask mum to look for these books so we can read them together.

love the doodle, i would’ve played it over + over, if mum wasn’t too busy tinkering on our computer.

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