kids in doodles: a day before christmas

it was a day before christmas + boy aren’t we all excited to open our presents under the tree! we only have to wait a few more hours to find out what surprises are waiting for us under the colorful + shiny gift wrappers! ^_^

anyway, i know everyone is busy + all but i do hope you find time to join our kids in doodles this week. this will be our second to the last doodle for the year + quite a perfect way to send everyone your christmas greetings, too, as our topic for the day is all about the day before christmas!

before anything else, a big shout out goes to our lone participant of last week’s edition:

1. read about their fun 1st horse ride story at written by mys

Christmas, Kids in Doodles, out + about

now on to our topic of the week. a day before christmas, everyone will be busy preparing for the christmas feast later on, so we will be marooned inside the house for the time being + will never get the chance to go + check out colorful christmas displays anywhere. lucky we’ve already done that when we were in baguio. we visited the baguio county club’s christmas village. it was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by all these christmas characters + to have our photos taken with them!

Christmas, out + about, Kids in Doodles

we’ve posed with fairies, the three kings, huge animals, as well as huge gifts! i was also able to enter these makeshift houses made of recycled cardboards + ride this improvised train, too! i went there twice, once with mum + tito ken + another time with tita cel + tita jinky, so i guess you can say that i enjoyed the experience totally! 🙂

time now to share your doodles with us. add in one of these lovely badges to your post + drop your links here. visit the other players, too, to make our game fun! ^_^

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    1. Aw, really mommy? am also having problems awhile back with my blog, must be the same reason. anyway, I added your link already! thanks much for joining! ^_^

  1. hello! mErry Christmas to both of you Jared anf mommy Vix..obviously, Jared is having fun…
    …and im back! sana tuloy2 na rin to..
    Hugs and Kisses to both of you..mwah!

    1. no worries mommy! the linky for this week’s edition is still up. i hope you can still catch up! 🙂

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