kids in doodles: camera fun

hello there how was your weekend? mine’s really wonderful as we finally get to see the rise of the guardians but that’s for another blog entry as today we’ll be having another round of kids in doodles tales to tell!

first off, here’s the round-up of last week’s participants:

1. check out this lil boy’s smile at maithankfulheart

2. let’s join roi in this one of a kind birthday party

3. discover the joys of painting

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things
that taken care of, time now for this week’s doodle: camera fun. you can share anything about your camera or the fun you had with it!

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things

mum lets me play with our camera every too often. in fact, i’ve taken a gazillions of photos with it that every time i am done playing, its battery is almost always dead or running on empty! what can i say i love taking photos of my toys, my cars, our house + practically anything.

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things

oh well, it was just another day + i was using our good ol’ camera as usual, + guess what i discovered? this special feature that turns the photos you take to a drawing-like pictures. it was great won’t you agree? i took a lot of photos that day + here are just a few of them:

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things

1. the first one is my self portrait, what do you think? 😉

2. my fire truck

3. mum is writing something on her notebook + holding some postcards

4. our windows + the curtains

so what do you think of my drawing-like photos, aren’t they cool?

am sure with a little bit of creativity + a lot of time spent with your cameras you can make little masterpieces just like i did. just make sure to ask mum to save them, ayt?

okay, now it is your turn to share your doodles with us. include any of these badges, link up + visit our other playmates for a maximum experience! 🙂

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  1. nice feature! would like to try that one time. we have so many camera shots too. i’ll link ours up in a few minutes!

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