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When mum asked what i wanted for Christmas i told her i’d like to have Red wrapped under our Christmas tree. Red, if you are not aware is the red fire truck from the cars movies who loves to water the plants and cries at a drop of a hat. He is one of my favorite characters and i do not have him on my diecast collection yet! Hopefully mum finds me one in time for Christmas! 🙂

I would really be delighted with any toy car gift . See, I really love cars and I collect just about anything cars! I have a number of diecasts and matchbox cars. Dad also got me this cool Porsche collectible car from a local petrol station, and we are planning to complete the entire set!

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Mum was browsing online the other day and we saw this awesome battery-operated Playmobil tuning car. It’s got 4 different sounds, as well as removable door panels, wheel rims and spoilers. It even comes with its own ramp and workshop engineer! How cool is that, right? I’ve got a few years to go before i can be allowed to play with a car toy like this, as it is recommended for children 5 years and up. Anyways, I will be sure to include this in my Christmas Wish list when the time comes! 🙂

Anyway, with our without a wish list, am sure mum will come up with something extra special for me this Christmas, just like she always do! 😉

How about you, what’s on your wish list?

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grimms’ fairy tale on google doodle

Google doodles,

would you believe me when i tell you that i can now look for the google icon on our computer and look for the youtube tab where i watch my favorite cartoons + this amazing cars collection, too? better believe it!  🙂

anyways, i was doing exactly that this morning when mum noticed the cool interactive google doodle that was up on their site. it was all about grimms’ fairy tales and this collection of stories are celebrating its 200th birthday today! can you believe that?

the grimms’ brothers must have enjoyed collecting all those famous fairy tales in europe, + compiling them in one book. a lot of famous classic fairy tales are in this collection, including hansel and gretel, rumpelstiltskin, little red riding hood, + one of our favorites, rapunzel {thanks to the disney movie adaptation, which i have seen numerous times with mum :)}  maybe i should ask mum to look for these books so we can read them together.

love the doodle, i would’ve played it over + over, if mum wasn’t too busy tinkering on our computer.

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kids in doodles: my very first horse ride

kids in doodles,

how you doing boys + girls? it is 9 days before christmas + i bet you all are excited to open your presents under the tree. i know i am! 🙂 but before that, don’t forget to share your very first horse ride stories though kids in doodles this week, right? 😉

anyway, before i go on to my share, allow me to give shout-outs to last week’s doodle participants, mum enjoyed reading + sharing your wonderful posts! ^_^

1. check out how vince get ready for his christmas party

2. did you know that father’s day is celebrated in thailand during the month of december ?

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i’ve ridden wooden horses in carousels + other theme-park rides before, but the time we went to baguio + went horseback riding is actually the very first time i’ve ridden a real horse! it was mum’s first time, too! 🙂

it was really such a fun experience + i really enjoyed it! we went around this oval ground in one part of the park. there are loads of trees around and the track was muddy due to last night’s rain. our horse is just galloping at a slow + steady pace. maybe that is why i did not get scared of it at all! 😉

i would’ve loved to ride the horse for the entire time, but mum said we share the ride with my tita jinky + tita cecille + i agreed. they loved it, too. am sure we will be doing this again the next time we visit baguio! 🙂

time for you to share you fun + wonderful stories with us. put one of these badges on your post, link up + visit as many participants as you can + enjoy! 🙂

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christmas cash bash {us only}

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mum said we will be getting a few of my favorite movies on dvd this christmas, but don’t you think that it’s lucky that we do not have to wait until christmas day to have the chance to get new + fun dvd’s? join the christmas cash bash giveaway + you might just be lucky to win any of the dvd’s on the photo or get an extra $50 on your paypal account!
The 5 dvd’s to be shipped free of charge by NCircle Entertainment: to the lucky winner include:
  1. “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas” (NEW) – premiering this fall on PBS, this new DVD was specially-produced to ring in the 2012 holiday season, and features the voice of Martin Short as the Cat.
  2. “Dino Dan ‘Twas a Dinosaur” (NEW) – follow the adventures of paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson as he learns what might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, tracks down a Euplocephalus, and gives the poem “The Night Before Christmas” a new spin!
  3. “Happy Holidays WordFriends” – a fun and festive DVD from the multiple Emmy Award-winning PBS Kids series, WordWorld, featuring three episodes – The Christmas Star, A Christmas Present for Dog, and Duck’s Family Reunion – plus a bonus music video, Dancing Dog.
  4. “It’s Always Christmas With You” – the most recent holiday DVD from The Wiggles is a real treat for the entire family, filled with 14 original new tunes and seasonal favorites. The DVD features special celebrity guests (including ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone) in performances filmed around the globe.
  5. “Puppy Party” – available in fetching holiday packaging, this adorable live-action DVD from Animal Atlas features Milo, the adorable Labrador Puppy, who’s invited over 25 puppy pals to a party! Filled with facts and antics, and an ideal treat for animal lovers young and old.

shout out go to these awesome giveaway host who made this event possible:

simply follow the rafflecopter widget’s promt to join and earn entries. 2 lucky winners will be drawn. this flash giveaway ends on 12 december + is open to US residents only.
so what are you waiting for? join now + try your luck! 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

jared’s little corner received no compensation for this post, and is not responsible for prize shipment. For questions, email
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kids in doodles: camera fun

hello there how was your weekend? mine’s really wonderful as we finally get to see the rise of the guardians but that’s for another blog entry as today we’ll be having another round of kids in doodles tales to tell!

first off, here’s the round-up of last week’s participants:

1. check out this lil boy’s smile at maithankfulheart

2. let’s join roi in this one of a kind birthday party

3. discover the joys of painting

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that taken care of, time now for this week’s doodle: camera fun. you can share anything about your camera or the fun you had with it!

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things

mum lets me play with our camera every too often. in fact, i’ve taken a gazillions of photos with it that every time i am done playing, its battery is almost always dead or running on empty! what can i say i love taking photos of my toys, my cars, our house + practically anything.

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oh well, it was just another day + i was using our good ol’ camera as usual, + guess what i discovered? this special feature that turns the photos you take to a drawing-like pictures. it was great won’t you agree? i took a lot of photos that day + here are just a few of them:

kids in doodles, kids, my favorite things

1. the first one is my self portrait, what do you think? 😉

2. my fire truck

3. mum is writing something on her notebook + holding some postcards

4. our windows + the curtains

so what do you think of my drawing-like photos, aren’t they cool?

am sure with a little bit of creativity + a lot of time spent with your cameras you can make little masterpieces just like i did. just make sure to ask mum to save them, ayt?

okay, now it is your turn to share your doodles with us. include any of these badges, link up + visit our other playmates for a maximum experience! 🙂

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