woody + buzz light year postcard

Toy Story, my favorite things, colorful things

i might’ve mentioned before that mum collects postcard as a hobby + one of the things we both enjoyed receiving in the mail are postcards of my favorite disney characters!

we were in the post  office some weeks ago and the kind post office cleck, whom we call “nanay,” which is mum in our vernacular, handed this postcard to me. it was a card mum got from this postcrossing site she’s signed up for last year. + lookie, it was a very cute postcard of woody + buzz lightyear, my favorites! ^_^

am sure mum will let me keep the disney postcards when i am old enough. hopefully we’ll be able to collect a lot, too. some of the cards in our collection include my ultimate favorites cars and mickey mouse!

if you’re into postcrossing, you can drop mum a line if you’d like to swap cards with her. you can also check out her cards for swap and our growing collection in her postcard blog 🙂

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