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abc wednesdays

mum found this exciting new meme to join + since she plans to update my little corner more often this year, this sounds like a perfect fit! it’s called abc wednesdays + every week we are to feature something beginning with the letters of the alphabet until we finally reach letter z! isn’t that exciting? 🙂

our entry for this week is all about animals, a dog.

my favorite things, animals, out + about

this photo was taken when we went to baguio november of last year, there’s this park where you can get a good look at the baguio landscape in their viewing deck and where you can also have your photos taken with this humongous labrador dogs. we would’ve opted for the biggest one, but mum decided to settle for this cute dog with droopy eyes. i bet the cold weather is making  him sleepy. don’t you think he rather looks good with his shades on?

i bet this fellow wants to play, he immediately lied down beside me when i sat. i would’ve loved to bring him home so that i can have a pet of my own! i hope the owners of this dog will not tire him working at the park all day + will let him be a dog, who played around, for once.

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  1. How cute! Looks like that doggy has been well-trained to be a photo prop, complete with sunglasses! I’m betting he loves all the attention he garners. 🙂

  2. hey jared, you look so cute with that dog. it’s so obvious that you’re so careful and you really like that dog. i hope someday mum would get you a pet. you seem to like animals and animals like you too! have a great weekend kiddo!

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