Neutral Color Choices for a Baby’s Room

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With a little one on the way, there is no detail of the baby’s room a parent won’t consider carefully. Everything from the baby bedding to the door knobs is sure to be carefully appraised. One of the key decorating choices is the color of the walls, furniture and fabrics of the room. While parents want to give their child’s room personality, reselling a home with powerful colors may prove challenging. However, careful thought can lead parents to colors that are easy to change and appropriate for a child’s room.

Bedding is a key means to introduce color into a room without changing the room itself. Consider solid colors and textured fabrics to add zest to a baby’s room. For more flare, animal print bedding has become popular in recent years. For children who are a little older and have favorite movies and tv-shows, story-time bedding is another option for adding personality to a child’s room.

Painting the furniture or changing door and drawer knobs can dramatically alter the character of a room. Traditionally, boys’ rooms are colored blue or green, while girls’ rooms can be pink or yellow. However, there are no hard rules, and parents are encouraged to choose colors that please their children. Hardware in the room, whether on doors, windows or furniture, can provide an important accent to the colors on the walls and bedding as well.

Parents should focus on the bedding and furniture of a baby’s room for the best decorative results. Changing the color of walls can add much character, but risks making the room non-neutral and more difficult to sell. However, the furniture and baby bedding can be used to add character to a room without altering the room itself.

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