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i know mum often tells you that i am one energetic little guy with loads of boundless energy that needs to be spent regularly. but one time, mum’s yoga teacher + her family invited us to one of their gatherings called kirtan + i met another energetic little boy. his name is vishnu + i guess he is just a little over one year old.

you’d think he’s one fragile baby but wait till you get to play with him + you will see that he’s also a bag of limitless energy. his favorite game is playing horse + he assigned me to be his horse for the day 😀 he also likes wrestling + a lot of those rough boy games! it was not very often that i get to have a playmate so i indulged him. the grown ups are saying he’d make one great ufc player when he gets older!

we had a blast playing while the grown ups went through their activities of the day + when it is time for dinner, we moved in explore his house + read his books! we had a great time reading together, too. he lent me his monster book for me to read while he read another one. 


playtime, playmates, toddler, out + about
little energetic guy, vishnu


i really enjoyed playing with vishnu + i am hoping that i will get to play with him again soon.

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