another playdate with my cousins

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last sunday, my cousins + i went out for a playdate. we were supposed to go to activefun in sm north, where mum bought them unlimited playtime vouchers as christmas presents but plans were changed suddenly + we ended up going to the mall instead. so off we went to the nearest mall to our location, sm marilao.

even when we did not get to play non-stop in activefun, we still had a wonderful time together at the mall. our first stop ~ the arcade! we play this cool game where you have to hit animals, insects + other objects with little balls. of course, i cannot hit much since my little arms can only reach up to a certain point in the monitor, it was kuya sean + ate shane, who played mostly. but we all enjoyed this game, in fact, we went to play it one more time after our first round of tokens where used up + mum + tita cecille had to buy more! 😀

playtime, playdate, family, cousins, weekend, out + about, weekend

we also tried playing other games in the arcade, including my favorite, basketball, + a whole bunch of other slot machines where you’d get a gazillion of those tiny tickets when you hit the jackpot. you can exchange them with fun items from the counter once you reached a certain number of points.

playtime, playdate, family, cousins, weekend, out + about, weekend

after we used up all our tokens we transfer to this other arcade where they have different rides + games, too! ate shane got this cute angry birds plushy in one of the games. we all rode all the rides available there + when we got tired, we asked mum if we can ride those little motorcycles-for-rent. we had such a great time + we all enjoyed playing all the cool games + riding all the great rides! 😀

we capped the day by having a hearty meal in one of our favorite fast food. we sure had a wonderful time playing together + i really wish we can do this more often! 😀

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