i is for inhaler

i was sick since monday with a bad cough and was also having trouble breathing. mum got so worried, she brought me to my pedia the yesterday. it turned out i was having one of those almost-asthma attacks {like i had about two years ago} most probably because of the very hot weather which got me perspiring a lot lately.

so i was given prescription and was told to have another round of those meds for inhilation! i do not really like ’em much. the nebulizer make this creepy, wheezing sound which i totally dislike. +, of course, i do not like anything medicine + mum knows that very well. i dodge + cry + fuss whenever mum has to give me a spoonful of medicine + it is no different with these nebules. the one in the photo is where mum pours these nebules so that i can inhale them.

good thing i will just have to take them for 3 days + i cannot wait for friday to come so that i won’t have to inhale these medicine anymore. hopefully, i get better in no time.

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    1. feeling a lot better, sir, thank you. + thanks for adding my entry up! 😉 ah, mum was too confused caring for me + updating my blog, thus her error! 😛

  1. i hope you’re well by now, jared. i’m visiting for the i entries of ABC wednesday. I am so late. btw, it’s I not H, haha. i is for inhaler. 🙂 hugs and kisses.

    1. am a lot better now, thank you very much! 🙂 haha, mum got confused because i was bugging her for us to go down + watch my fave cartoons on the telly!thanks for pointing it out! 😀

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