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summer has officially started + what better way to beat the heat than by going for a swim! we just got back from our overnight swimming with my cousins, their parents + friends at jed’s island resort! of course, i had a great time bonding with my kuya sean + ate shane, we enjoyed swimming in the pool together and later on giving the wave pool a try. it was my first time to try a wave pool + it was so much fun. it felt as if you were actually on a beach with the waves! i really had a wonderful time wading in the water as the waves crash in! 🙂

i had a wonderful time swimming that mum actually found it real hard to take me out of the pool once i have dipped in. i was always the last to come out. the pool is a bit deeper for kids my age good thing there was this shallow part of the pool where we can stay. of course, i also had my floaters on either side of my shoulders at all times for safety purposes.

out + about, weekend, family, family time, summer

what can i say, it was really so hot + taking long swim in the pool is just the best way to cool down. we originally planned to just go for a day swim but we really enjoyed it + decided to stay the night with the rest of my cousins + their company. we passed the time watching all our favorite cartoons on disney junior + playing. + since our room was air-conditioned we also had quite a goodnight sleep.

out + about, weekend, family, family time, summer

the next day, we spent the entire morning until about lunchtime out in the sun, exploring the other pools inside the resort + having some of our photos taken. apart from swimming, there are also a lot of huge displays of familiar characters here which you can photograph with. there ironman + his avenger gang, shrek, mickey mouse, spongebob + a whole lot more. we were quite busy that i only get a chance to have my photo taken with some of the giant displays on our way out of the resort.

it was such a wonderful weekend + i simply cannot wait to hit the water again real soon! 😉

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