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if you’re also a blogger, sign-up to be a co-host of $50 Paypal Giveaway by Geshery to increase your social media influence. You can even win up to $20 amazon gift card for yourself if you refer the most number of bloggers and participants to this event!

sheryl, the blogger behind GEORYL: Welcome to Our World and who is also known in the blogosphere as Techie She and WAHWM, recently launched another website called Geshery Online. to celebrate this milestone in her blogging career, she will be hosting the $50 paypal giveaway by geshery and invites you to join as a co-host of this contest.

Interested? Read more about this free blogger opportunity and sign up at Free Blogger Opportunity: $50 PayPal Giveaway by GESHERY. do not forget to mention that jared’s little corner sent you, right? 😉

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