kids in doodles: we just watched ironman3!

kids in doodles
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hello there! how’s everyone doing? i am having quite a very busy summer. first, there’s my swimming class to keep me occupied + we also have a number of activities planned for this summer, on the side. one of which is watching the new super hero movie, ironman 3. i cannot stop thinking about it ever since i saw the trailer earlier this year + mum promised we’ll watch it as soon as it is showing + we did! we get to see the film on its opening day. i even get to watch it with one of my friends, rylan, which is a very welcome treat! 😀

before the film started, mum took photos of me in front of the movie standee. do you think i will make a good ironman? 😉

when they started letting in people to finally see the film, everyone was excited including me + rylan. never mind that we spent the time playing + running around. we are just bursting with energy at the thought of finally watching this film!

to say that i thoroughly enjoyed watching is an understatement! i loved it! + the part that i love the most is when all the ironman suit flew into the scene, it felt like christmastime in april! 😀

kids in doodles, out + about, movies, family time

here’s me + rylan doing our own ironman pose, what do you think? 🙂

what film did you watch recently? it can be ironman 3, too, or other. do share it with us here + let us know how you enjoyed the experience. add one of these badges here + link up! don’t forget to visit our other playmates to make our game more fun!

have a nice summer + here’s to watching more exciting films soon!

thanks tita moi for sharing the last photo with us! 🙂

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kids in doodles: meeting these cartoon characters

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out + about, cartoon characters, cartoons, weekends, kids in doodles, my favorite things

howdy! time for another round of kids in doodles stories + today am sharing with you our cool experience at the sm cartoon fest 2 saturdays back! i did mention we are meeting spongebob, but apart from him, we have also come face-to-face with loads of other cartoon characters, including: batman + the other justice league superheroes, elmo + his friends from sesame street, the angry birds + pigs, eb from the movie hop, the lovable minions from despicable me, hello kitty, the lorax, garfield, robby rabit, tom + jerry, tweety bird, bugs bunny+ for the little girls there’s also hello kitty, barbie + dora the explorer.

out + about, cartoon characters, cartoons, weekends, kids in doodles, my favorite thingsout + about, cartoon characters, cartoons, weekends, kids in doodles, my favorite things

it was really quite an awesome experience to meet all these cool cartoon characters come to life + have our photos taken with them. our digicam actually went dead when it is time for spongebob to grace the stage. it was a good thing mum’s friend kuya rence, volunteered to have our photos taken with the mascots. thank you kuya rence, we owe you one! 🙂

out + about, cartoon characters, cartoons, weekends, kids in doodles, my favorite things
mum + i posing with our favorite batman + the other justice league super heroes

i really had one fine  weekend that time, even mum enjoyed it! now it is your turn to share any fun experiences you recently have. add in one of these badges + do not forget to link up + the other participants too, ayt? have a wonderful sunday everyone! ^_^

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