k is for kung fu panda

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i’ve probably seen the short kung fu panda episodes mum has downloaded for me more than 2 dozen times. i have grown to love po + his cool gang + would often mimic their poses while i watch. i think they are just the coolest fighting bad guys with their cool kung fu moves. i’d love to learn kung fu when i grow up! 🙂

unfortunately the movies mum downloaded only played in our computer + not on the telly so i cannot watch it as many times as i would’ve loved to. mum said the video files have to be converted before we can watch it in our dvd. hopefully she’d be able to do it soon so that we can watch po + his friends on the telly.

meanwhile here is a photo of po with jackie chan, which mum took during our 2-day swimming with my cousins. i was not able to pose beside it because i was busy exploring all the other fun + cool stuff they have around. i’ll make sure to share the other photos we took in upcoming posts! 😉

my share for this week’s ABC Wednesday 

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