o is for this orange slide

toddlers, summer, my favorite things, swimming, out + about, colorful things
i have always thought that this slide is fascinating ever since i first saw it last year when i enrolled in swimming class + have aimed to give it a try if only mum is not too squeamish about the idea! 🙂 this year though is a very different story. a few days onto my swimming class this summer, two of our coaches at the toddler class accompanied me to the top of the slide + off we went! it sure was terrifying at first + the view from the top is enough to make you lose all the courage + turn around but my coaches will have none of my protests and off we slide. mum was just nervously watching by the pool side as we go.

toddlers, summer, my favorite things, swimming, out + about, colorful things
here is a tiny version of the orange slide, which is found at the kiddie pool. during playtime i have made a number of attempts to climb it but was not really too bent on sliding. i guess i will do it when i am much older, since mum cannot slide with me on this one. i entertained myself by letting my water toys slide, instead 🙂

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kids in doodles: swimming lessons

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
that’s me on the first day of swimming class, learning how to kick my feet!

hello again playmates? how’s your summer so far? i have quite a busy one. apart from the numerous activities we have to do {did i tell you we watched ironman3 again last may 1st with my titas + my kuya sean this time?}. mum, dad + i also spend overnight in a hotel in the city + i kind of enjoyed sleeping in a very cold place. i had a wonderful time, we even went on a swim in the hotel’s 6th floor pool.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
swimming with my classmates, that’s me in the green/blue rashguard

anyway, speaking of swimming, the thing that is keeping me occupied this summer is my swimming class! mum enrolled me again this year + to say that i am having a great time is actually an understatement. i simply love swimming in the water + when mum agreed that we tag along my car water toys, it was even better! i also enjoy playing with my classmates + learning from my coach. but mostly i just love wading + swimming in the water while coach joy teaches the other students by the poolside. 😀

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
that’s me swimming in the 6ft pool on the 9th day

mum said i have a unique style of learning how to swim, but she was also most pleased that compared to last year i now know how to kick my feet + will occasionally move my arms if need be! i am almost through with my lessons, i have only 1 session left. but i bet my coach thinks i need to stay for a few more session so that i can totally learn how to swim. so maybe we’ll go down the local resort a few more times for a few more weeks.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
the 9-10am toddler class

if i learn how to swim this summer i bet mum will be so delighted, but i know that she primarily just wants me to enjoy + have a great time which is what exactly i am doing. so i guess, it is mission accomplished for us both! after my swimming lessons, mum + i will be checking out the local playschool so that i can enroll, i cannot wait! 😀

how about you? how’s your summer turning so far + what’s keeping you preoccupied? join us + share your awesome doodles with us. do add one of these badges + link up. visit our other playmate + send them cheers, too! see yah! 🙂

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How to Choose the Perfect Children’s Entertainer

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My name is Mister Master Oh No, and I am a clown. I have big hair, a big red nose, big shoes, a big coat, big shows and, of course, a big, big, big personality. My specialty is working with children, making them smile. I think that I am a pretty darn great children’s entertainer. I have oodles of fantastic testimonials from people who think so too. But I would not dream of going as far to suggest that I am the only good children’s entertainer. There are hundreds out there, and choosing them can sometimes be pretty confusing. They never work with children or animals, so you can be sure that anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of entertaining a room filled with screaming five year olds is dedicated to their job! But there are a few tips that will help you when choosing a children’s entertainer for your child’s party – just follow these and you can ensure that they will be a big hit with even the fussiest kids!

Recommendations are great

If a friend recommends an entertainer, be thankful! You’ve just been saved the task of hunting for a reliable and funny entertainer for your child’s birthday. Chances are, if they were a hit at your friend’s party, they’ll be great at yours too. Likewise, don’t be afraid to recommend them to your other friends once the party is over.

Check out their background

Whilst you can usually get a feel for an entertainer’s background from their website, it helps to look a little deeper. Customer testimonials can only tell you so much, and it helps if you know how long they’ve been in the business and what they did before (if they had a previous job). All children’s entertainers should hold a valid CRB check and you’re within your rights to ask for evidence of this before committing to anything. Any reputable entertainer will have plenty of glowing references to impress you with! Of course, it’s a good idea to meet your prospective entertainer before the part to check that they’re exactly what you are looking for.

What do they do?

All children’s entertainers provide a different service, but some of the standard things you might expect include:
• Making balloon animals
• Clown act including old favourites such as the water-pistol flower
• Blowing bubbles
• A range of party games
• Music and sing-a-long

Most children’s entertainers are used to entertaining both large and small groups, but if you’re catering for a particularly large party or event it makes sense to check that the entertainer of your choice is comfortable with larger parties. Nothing is worse than a room of out of control kids!

Choosing the perfect children’s entertainer doesn’t have to be tricky – make sure that you find out what their act involves as well as how much they charge for their services, and always ensure that they have a valid CRB check in place to make sure it’s safe for them to work with children. By following these simple steps you can ensure your child will have a party to remember.

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How to complement what your child learns at school

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) marks the beginning of a child’s education. Typically it starts at the nursery stage and lasts till the age of five. Its philosophy is to develop language and communication skills through play while at the same time fostering physical, social, emotional and personal development.

This is the focus in the classroom but research has shown that the biggest influence on the development of a young child from birth to the age of four is its parents. So, any way a parent can complement the programme of those in education jobs at school will benefit the child beyond measure.

Parents can organize a number of activities at home that will serve this purpose well.

Water-related activities

Simple games with water can help children develop concepts of capacity. By using cups, jugs and bowl, they have fun with measuring. It is also helpful in developing language related to water and capacity. This type of activity can be expanded to introduce colors and size and so on.

Arts and crafts

Art and craft activities help to develop motor skills and coordination. It helps children to improve muscle control and the resulting products – pictures, collages etc – give children a great sense of achievement. These activities are great fun and only require the use of simple household objects like paper, glue, clips and in fact almost anything that can be found around the home.


Children love to imitate adult behavior. It is a simple matter to set up a “small world” environment like a shop or doctor’s surgery. Acting out adult roles in these environments, helps children gain a greater understanding of the adult environment and the world around them.

Games for the table

Games like puzzles and building blocks help children to develop motor skills and concentration. Exploring different shapes, sizes and colors helps children to develop spatial awareness and color differentiation. As with arts and crafts, tabletop games can contribute to creativity and can be used to increase vocabulary.


Phonics is used at EYFS level to help children understand and vocalize sounds. It can form the basis for the development of reading and writing skills. Parents do not need to fully understand phonics to help their children. Early childhood teachers will be happy to help demonstrate games and activities that can be played at home to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom.

Schools can only do so much for a child. By encouraging your children to join in games and activities like these at home, you will be helping to form a greater bond with them, while giving them every advantage as they take their first steps on the educational ladder. And when learning is fun, children are more inclined to learn.

image is from freedigitalphotos.net

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