kids in doodles: fun animal wooden puzzles

kids in doodles

hello everyone! i hope you are having quite a great time today. time again for another round of kids in doodles + before I go on to share my fun story for today let me just give a shout out to our 2 participants for the last edition, Little Zoie’s Steps + MaiThankfulheart. these folks are regulars + i would like to thank them for their continued support! 🙂

now onto this week’s doodle!

wooden toys, educational wooden toys, wooden toys for children, kids in doodles, toys, my favorite things, puzzles

i was not able to go to playschool for two days last week since i am having bouts with cough + colds. my pedia said i need to drink anti-biotics so that i can get rid of the phlegm, but you know how i just dislike taking meds, right?

mum + i were practically cooped up at home for most of the week. aside from watching all these wonderful cartoons on the telly, another thing that help me passed the time away is playing with my animal wooden puzzles!

wooden toys, educational wooden toys, wooden toys for children, kids in doodles, toys, my favorite things, puzzles

i got this toy as another gift from mum last christmas, that time i was too preoccupied with my new iron man + wreck-it ralph toys that i hardly took notice. mum even had to keep it away in the hopes that i might learn to like it better next time, which i did! i love puzzles + they are really quite fun + enjoyable to play with. you might want to check out some of my puzzles in my post here + here!

what i love best about these wooden puzzles is that they feature mum + baby animals in it. apart from that, it is also a very cool toy because it features a number of animal pairs. It is cube shaped and has one animal puzzle in each side. there is a chicken, pig, giraffe, cat, cow, and my fave, elephants!

wooden toys, educational wooden toys, wooden toys for children, kids in doodles, toys, my favorite things, puzzles

mum + I spent a lot of time solving the puzzles and naming the animals + babies. i also enjoy making their fun animal sounds! 🙂

okay your turn to share any awesome toys you discovered recently or whatever fun doodle you have. link up + add one of our k.i.d. buttons + visit our playmates, too! have a good one! 😀

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project iris heart surgery

toddler for a cause, kids, fundraising

this is one of my online playmates iris, she is 2 years old + 9 months now + she is in need of our help. you see my friend here was born with a hole in her heart. she needs to undergo surgery to close this hole in order for her to live healthier + longer.

in behalf of her mum, we are asking your kind heart to donate whatever amount you can to help fund iris’ heart surgery. she needs to raise php500 ,000 within 2 months to cover the expense of her operation + medical expenses.

you may send your donations via paypal to she_apuhin (at) yahoo dot com or send it to unionbank eon account number 1094 5192 9159 you can also check out other ways on how you can send in your donations in this note here.

i do hope you will be kind enough to help our friend. thank you!

image is from iris’ mum’s facebook profile

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The Best Way to Keep Track of Heart Rate While Working Out

You can tell how hard you are working by monitoring your heart rate. When you are working out, a heart rate monitor can help you determine if you are running or walking fast enough. This information matters because keeping your heart rate up helps you to burn calories and fat. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is a great tool for those who want to keep track of their heart rate while working out.

The product looks like a watch, and you put it on almost like you would put on a watch. In seconds, you are ready to monitor your heart rate wherever you go. Before you start a workout, it is a good idea to check your resting heart rate. This gives you some context as to how hard your heart is working when you are not exercising. When you are done working out, you should check your heart rate again to ensure that you are coming back closer to your resting heart rate.

If you are taking a long time to get back to your resting heart rate, it means that your body is burning fat after your workout. It can also be a sign that your body is having a hard time recovering after a workout. Customers who have any questions about how the product works or how to order it can contact a customer service representative by phone or email 24/7.

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kids in doodles: jolly summer fun day

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

time for another round of kids in doodles!

on the last day of the month, we attended jollibee’s last hoorah for summer, the jolly summer fun day!

we arrived to our local jollibee branch in crossing a lot earlier + mum got the chance to snap photos of me before the event started. +, of course, she also got me a big cup of my fave drink, pineapple juice! 😀

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

the event started much later so i was able to play and run around with other kids in attendance before it began. i found this new little guy playmate + we ran around the place, exploring every bit of interesting areas in the place, + after a while, the play area next room.

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

once the party started everyone was so excited. there were dancing and singing and much like every jolly kiddie party, there were games and contests for older kids to join, as well as other exciting treats prepared for us that day.

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

of course, no jollibee party will be complete without the dance number by our beloved jollibee mascot. he tagged along his good friend hetty to join the festivities + they gave a delightful dance number that all the kids enjoyed + danced along! mum also took the chance to have my photos taken with jollibee before our camera went dead.

it was a very fun + enjoyable afternoon, what a way to say goodbye to summer! + what’s even better is that mum even let me play at the play area afterwards! 😀

so how did you spend your last summer day? share it with us here to make our game more fun + do not forget to check in on other participants to spread some cheer, too. enjoy + have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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How to Plan A Frugal Baby Shower

baby, occasions

Planning a baby shower can become expensive and time consuming if you are not careful. First, you have to coordinate and finance the baby shower invitations, then you have to feed and entertain the guests. You also have to decorate the home according to the event. You are probably thinking “There is no way I can afford this,” but you are incorrect and here is why: frugality. Making frugal choices no matter what  you are doing in life will save you money. Here are some suggestions to planning frugal baby shower. You can use the money that was saved on the baby shower to give to the expecting mother.

Tip 1: Do Not Go Extravagant with the House Decorations

This is the part of planning that requires your creativity. To save money, you will need to find items that you already have in the home and make them work for your decorations. Twelve rolls of toilet paper, some ribbon, and potpourri go a long way. Do not go out and spend a penny on anything that you do not need. If you can create a sensational visual image that suits the occasion without a huge shopping spree, go for it. If not, search in inexpensive places such as dollar stores to find the decorations. You are only using these decorations for one day, so there really is not a need for expensive ones.

Tip 2: Buy Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

There is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on invitations when there are companies offering very cheap copies. After all, it does not matter how fancy the invitations are. You can write additional information on the card if you feel the need to add something special. For now, focus on cutting the costs.

Tip 3: Have an Appetizer Bonanza

Your visitors are not pregnant, so there is no reason to see to it that every last one of them has something from each food group. The shower is most likely going to last two hours, so all you really need is a large quantity of snack items: tortilla chips with dip, celery sticks and ranch or blue cheese dressing, deviled eggs, crackers and peanut butter, or popcorn shrimp. Even popcorn is a good idea for this occasion.

The main idea is to do your planning intelligently. Remember that the occasion is to welcome a new soul into the world. A new baby is something to rejoice, but you can rejoice without splurging. Make sure that the mother to be is happy with the shower and you will have done a splendid job.

Heather is a blogger and party planner extraordinaire. She loves coming up with creative ideas for all party budgets, especially celebrations of new life! Be sure to check out her blog, Party Smarty Online.

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