How to Plan A Frugal Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower can become expensive and time consuming if you are not careful. First, you have to coordinate and finance the baby shower invitations, then you have to feed and entertain the guests. You also have to decorate the home according to the event. You are probably thinking “There is no way I can afford this,” but you are incorrect and here is why: frugality. Making frugal choices no matter what  you are doing in life will save you money. Here are some suggestions to planning frugal baby shower. You can use the money that was saved on the baby shower to give to the expecting mother.

Tip 1: Do Not Go Extravagant with the House Decorations

This is the part of planning that requires your creativity. To save money, you will need to find items that you already have in the home and make them work for your decorations. Twelve rolls of toilet paper, some ribbon, and potpourri go a long way. Do not go out and spend a penny on anything that you do not need. If you can create a sensational visual image that suits the occasion without a huge shopping spree, go for it. If not, search in inexpensive places such as dollar stores to find the decorations. You are only using these decorations for one day, so there really is not a need for expensive ones.

Tip 2: Buy Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

There is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on invitations when there are companies offering very cheap copies. After all, it does not matter how fancy the invitations are. You can write additional information on the card if you feel the need to add something special. For now, focus on cutting the costs.

Tip 3: Have an Appetizer Bonanza

Your visitors are not pregnant, so there is no reason to see to it that every last one of them has something from each food group. The shower is most likely going to last two hours, so all you really need is a large quantity of snack items: tortilla chips with dip, celery sticks and ranch or blue cheese dressing, deviled eggs, crackers and peanut butter, or popcorn shrimp. Even popcorn is a good idea for this occasion.

The main idea is to do your planning intelligently. Remember that the occasion is to welcome a new soul into the world. A new baby is something to rejoice, but you can rejoice without splurging. Make sure that the mother to be is happy with the shower and you will have done a splendid job.

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