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here is another exciting giveaway for all our loyal readers to join!

welcome to the triple bloggers’ treat cash giveaway! jared’s little corner has teamed up with a group of fabulous bloggers to give our readers a chance to win $150!

this giveaway will run for four weeks giving you plenty of time to complete the entries, remember that the more entries you do, the more chances of winning.

there are lots of daily entries for you to take advantage of as well, so don’t forget to bookmark this giveaway and come back everyday!

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enter via rafflecopter below:

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this giveaway is open worldwide and ends 15 August at 11:59 pm est. enjoy + good luck! 😉

disclaimer: jared’s little corner is not compensated for this post or responsible for the fulfillment or shipping of the giveaway prize.

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cars 2 doubledecker bus, an early birthday present!

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mum knows how much i love lightning mcqueen + his gang. we are actually collecting these guys + so far i’ve got about 9 of them. i am very happy to have a brand new addition to my collection + this time mum got me this big cars 2 double decker bus. it doubles as a transporter for the little diecast + a home for them, too, when i am not playing with them. it can accommodate 7 cars, but it was a good thing guido is so tiny he can easily share a spot with his good pal, luigi! 😀 the bigger diecast red also won’t fit, so i just let him sit on the open air top whenever we are playing.

this toy is not much like the other cars in my collection since it is made of plastic. mum always reminds me to be careful with it + refrain from dropping it as it might get broken easily, but so far, after a couple of bumps + falls, it is still in one piece, so i have to say it is made of good quality plastic! i will just be mindful not to drop it too often, though! 🙂

cars, toy cars, my favorite thing, toys, collections, gifts

if you are a fan of the movie, you will see the doubledecker bus in action when the world grand prix had its final leg in london, they tower over other cars in the streets of this lovely city. i actually dream of riding a real doubledecker bus one day! 🙂

mum said this is a very advanced birthday gift! mum really knows what i like, i simply love it. can you tell from the photo? 😉

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kids in doodles: the lovable minions

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hello boys + girls! it is time again for another round of kids in doodles. today am going to share with you one of my most favorite cartoon characters ~ the minions!

we simply love the movie despicable me, i think i must have seen it a couple dozens of times + we simply adore the minions. if i can have a real one at home i bet mum will also agree that we get one! 😀 we are so looking forward to watching the movie sequel this month + when we found out about the free minion toys at mcdonalds’, mum + i set out to collect them as soon as we got the chance.

i first got tim giggling, tom google grabber and jerry breakdancing on our very first minion hunt. we made it a habit to drop by the local mcdonalds’ after my playschool so that we can buy + collect all 9 toys available. the next ones i got are the 2 purple evil minions, chomper + noise maker. tito ken got them when he brought mcdonalds’ takeaway one sunday we visited them at home.

the second week of our minion hunt adventure started with dave gadget grabber and stuart light-up grabber. after a couple of days we got stuart babbler grabber. it took us a couple of days +  a visit to both local mcdonalds’ to get the last missing minion, but it turned out they were no longer available. good thing dad was able to get me one in a faraway branch.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, cartoon characters, cartoons

now i have a complete collection of 9 minion toys! i play with them every single day + watch my favorite cartoons with them. i also tag them along to playschool on occasions. 🙂

so what is your most favorite cartoon characters or toys at the moment? do share your doodles with us + join in on the fun. do not forget to visit the other participants + add one of these cute kids in doodles button on your post, right? i will wait for your entries then! 🙂

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kids r kool giveaway {07.31}

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Hosted by:Tyrneathem and Java John Z’s

Sponsored By: Real Kids Shades, FunBites, KidKnows Thermometers, YumEarth, and Lionsgate Entertainment

here’s another giveaway especially for the cool kids like us! 5 lucky winners will get to win these awesome prizes. read on for the details + do not forget to join using the entry form towards the end of this post. good luck + have a rainy yet happy monday! 🙂

time to spoil the kids and let them know we think they’re pretty cool. Five fun little prize packages await the lucky little kid in your life! Learn more about each item by clicking on the links to read Tyrneathem’s reviews.

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Package One (ARV up to $50)

Real Kids Shades ~ Winner’s Choice of 1 Pair
Kidknows Thermometer


Package Two (ARV $40)

Disney’s Cars Pancake Molds
Imagine With Barney DVD
Kidknows Thermometer

Package Three (ARV $36)

FunBites Food Cutter ~ Winner’s Choice of Design
Angelina Ballerina: Mousical Musicals DVD
Kidknows Thermometer

Package Four (ARV $31)

YumEarth Organics Lollipops
Imagine With Barney DVD
Kidknows Thermometer

Package Five (ARV $24)

Angelina Ballerina : Mousical Musicals DVD
Kidknows Thermometer

Five lucky winners will each receive one of the five fun prize packages above!

Giveaway runs from July 15 to July 31. All entries are optional, but more entries means greater odds. All entries will be verified. Please read terms on entry form before entering.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for the post above. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services mentioned. The host may have received compensation or applied affiliate links. Participating bloggers are not responsible for the awarding of the prize. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. This giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, or any other social media network.

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Making Green Choices in Home Furnishings

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When furnishing your home, it truly is less difficult than you think to produce greener, far more eco-friendly choices. One among the most wasteful elements of acquiring furnishings is whenever they come from a huge selection of even thousands of miles away. When your sofa has traveled 1200 miles from your factory to obtain for you, even though the sofa is manufactured from sustainable or recycled materials, that makes it a under green choice. Consider to order from factories and merchants which might be close to you and ask the salesperson exactly where the sofa was manufactured. If whatsoever achievable, produce a choice to order local.

Whether it truly is your drapes, curtains, carpeting, furniture coverings or other cloth or textile, you’ll be able to make a Green Choice by selecting a fabric that’s organic or sustainable. Fantastic choices consist of linen, wool, silk, cotton or hemp. Should you be redoing your kitchen, consider choosing cabinetry that is certainly manufactured from wood which is from sustainable forests, use recycled components and even reclaimed woods.

When staining wood or painting your walls, you’ll be able to pick finishes that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Appear for a label or designation within the can that the item is lower in VOC’s, which stands for volatile natural compounds. On the very least, you’ll desire to select finishes that contain no formaldehyde.

When picking flooring, there are numerous eco-friendly prospects. For carpeting, consider carpeting that is created from at the very least some recycled fibers or that incorporate handful of chemical compounds. Wise choices in carpet materials include jute, sisal, wool or bamboo. For tile floors, consider recycled tiles, reclaimed tiles or unglazed tiles.
There’s even glass tiles made from recycled drink glasses accessible, when picking furnishings, consider buying second hand, vintage or antique furniture. These items may possibly be cheaper than new furnishings, might add further elegance and character for your home, and might also be a terrific investment. You can also buy older sofas, chairs and couches after which recover them along with your preferred fabric.

Jared Quips

It sure is high time we all consider switching to greener and more earth-friendly alternatives as much as we can. Not only will they be safer as they come with less or no harmful chemicals that may harm little kids like me, but we would also be doing Mother Nature a great favor when we stop patronizing those products that have ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

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