shopping for your toddler’s needs

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a toddler’s essentials: toys, clothing + shoes

most toddlers would agree that one of their parents’ favorite pastime is to shop for their little ones’ needs + my mum is no exception. she delights in getting me all that i need as long as we can afford it. she would also throw in a thing or two that she thinks i will absolutely love, like a good book or a toy car. mum does not have a regular job that pays her on a regular basis like most mums have, but when she did earn from her online works, she makes it a point to buy me something.

my birthday is approaching + i am sure mum is making a list of stuff she would love to get me on my special day. i am sure that a toy car, which is my absolute favorite, is at the top of that list along with other toddler essentials, like children’s clothing since i seem to be growing everyday that i will soon outgrow most of my stuff. she would probably get me a pair of shoes, too, because i have heard her complain about my favorite pair of sandals, about how it looks old and tattered. whatever mum decides to get for me on my big day, am sure i will like them all! 🙂

she has been telling me about this online shop she has recently discovered. she said she found this cars’ doubledecker bus carry case on lazada which we have been eyeing to get for a while now. it is a bit pricey for a toy car so we need to save a bit more for it. hopefully she gets it for me for my birthday, i am sure i will love it + all my die cast cars will absolutely enjoy this new home!

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  1. You never know when you receive all the gifts that your Mom will give you after she is done shopping 🙂 My little K’s birthday is approaching too and her list is ready already 🙂 I bet your Mom loves to shop like me especially if using coupons to save money 🙂

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