it’s halloween giveaway sign-up!

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here is another giveaway sign-up for you to join! this time we are gearing up for one awesome Halloween Event!

this is organized by: Mom Powered Media + a $500 K-Mart Gift Card is up for grabs!

giveaway runs from 14-28 october + is open to US residents

bloggers can get a free Twitter link in exchange for an announcement post. extra links are also available for a minimal fee of $3. a referral prize of $50 Amazon E-Code or Paypal Cash is also up for grabs!

sign up here

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kids in doodles: cool minion felt keychains

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it was a few days to go before me + mum’s birthday + i am going to have a simple celebration in playschool with my classmates + our teacher.  so today for our kids in doodles i will share with you another minion stuff that mum will be putting on my birthday loot bag. these are a bunch of minion key chains made from felt. they are sooo cute, won’t you agree? i am sure my classmates will love them as much as i do! 😀

mum bought a bunch of them to include in my small loot bag, she added a few extra which we plan to give to my cousins, too! i really hope we can get a few more so we can share some to our online playmates, too! ^_^

do you have something cute or awesome to share? link up with kids in doodles and let’s make this game more fun! add one of our badges here + do not forget to give some love + hugs to our other playmates, too! i shall wait for your entries then! 🙂

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Boogie Wipes Blogger Sign-up

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about the giveaway

this is hosted by: The Boogie Babes Saline Ambassador group #BoogieBabesLUVBW. members are: Stacy from Dnbuster’s Place| Kelli from Not Your Average Mom| Ty from Mama of 3 Muchkins| Savanah from Savvy Shopper Central| Melody from Melody’s Freebies and finds| Sara from Sweet Silly Sara| Megan from Tilted Urban| Jennifer from Mama Dove on a Box| Jodi from W(e)il’d Hair & Accessories
sponsored by:  Boogie Wipes, Kandoo and Puffs Fresh Faces
this giveaway is open to us and canadian residents!

there will be a total of 5 winners for the “Big” giveaway AND  each Host will have prizes to giveaway too!! Prizes are FULL size and sample size products, gift cards and MORE!

for the bloggers

  1. free + paid options are available
  2. receive a free Twitter entry for posting an announcement or pay $5 if you chose not to post. additional links + co-host slots are also available for a minimal fee of $2 + $10, respectively
  3. sign up ends on 05 september and giveaway will run from 09 september up to 24 september.

disclaimer: no purchase is neccessary to be part of this giveway. this promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with facebook, pinterest, twitter, boogie wipes, kandoo or puffs fresh faces. the hosts listed above are the sole responsible for the prize fulfillment.

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kids in doodles: kiddie meal’s whiplash toy

kids in doodles

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hello there everyone! sure is a rainy + stormy season out there but there is no need for us to be sad, instead let us all enjoy all the free time so we can do all the things we enjoy doing, like watching loads of cartoons + playing with our favorite toys! 🙂

+ here is one of my latest favorite toys for today’s kids in doodles. this is a jolly kiddie meal toy mum + i got last month, i think. this is whiplash from the awesome + fast movie, turbo! yup, he is a snail + he is one of the cool racer snails that turbo met when tito rescued him. for all those who get to watch the film, am sure you all know him. 🙂

we did not have much luck in completing all the kiddie meal toys for this collection. we visited the jollibee branch near my playschool + whiplash is the only one they have left at the time. it would have been cool if we were able to get turbo {the orange one} + the rest of the gang.

where you able to get this kiddie meal toy from jollibee? or do you have a present favorite toy? or if you have other fun doodles stuff to share? do join us here at kids in doodles + let’s have fun! grab one of our badges here + visit our other playmates to make our game more enjoyable! 🙂

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Funny Quotes Involving Brothers and Sisters

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As you’re growing up, being told that your siblings are friends you have for life is a cheesy and often annoying reminder that the kid who just made you cry is going to be around for a while. Once we get older, we learn to cherish the relationships we have with these people that are going to be in our lives, keeping us smiling (and sometimes giving us hell) for the rest of our lives. From the list of the top 100 funny quotes, we were able to grab a few choice words about brothers, sisters and that old sibling rivalry.

“I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance-waiting for the bathroom.” – Bob Hope

English-born American comic Bob Hope was best known for his army base tours during wars, where he entertained troops by performing; song, dance, comedy and vaudeville were his specialties. Bob Hope had some of the fanciest feet in the business, and now we know where he got them from—always having to wait in line to use the restroom!

“Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long.” – Susan Scarf Merrell

Susan Scarf Merrell is a short story author, and also an excellent quote author! She raises a good point about siblings being confusing, slightly different versions of ourselves. Our similarities to them drive us crazy, and our differences, well, drive us crazy!

“The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother – and they’ll settle for a puppy every time.” – Winston Pendelton

Winston Pendelton has penned many self-help books that aid people world over in their quest for a change in perspective on their lives. Any parent reading his ideas on getting a puppy has got to admit his genius—there are families out there who would rush to the pet store before making any decisions on extending their own brood!

“I had this odd sibling rivalry with America.” – Patti Davis

The name Patti Davis might only ring a bell to you, as may her brothers Ron Reagan, Michael Reagan and her sister Maureen Reagan. That’s right, in addition to any normal amount of sibling rivalry, Patti had to compete for her father Ronald Reagan’s attention with the biggest, most demanding baby of all—the whole of the United States! And you thought you had it tough sharing a bedroom!

“It was nice growing up with a brother like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on!” – Anonymous

When it all comes down to it, we love our families dearly, and our brothers and sisters, no matter how frustrating they can be, are part of this amazing unit we are all so lucky to have. But just because we love to lean on them and count on them doesn’t mean we don’t have to tattletale from time to time!

Here’s to our wonderful brothers and sisters, who enrich our lives in ways we can’t put into words.

Jared Quips

i haven’t got a brother or a sister but i agree that life is more interesting + fun when you have one. + i bet you will all nod in agreement that these quotes sure put a smile on your face! 😉

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