d is for donkeys


my favorite things, animals

we took on the abc wednesdays challenge a few months back but sadly we were not able to finish it all the way up to letter z. the last post we made was for the letter p, which you can read here.

anyway, we are unaware that the meme has just started again recently, so instead of finishing the first challenge, mum decided that we join the new one instead, + cross our fingers that we complete it this time around.

my share for letter d is a photo of these donkeys which mum took when we visited avilon zoo last month. they were standing farther away from their corral that i was not able to take a good look at them, but they sure look fascinating. i also thought they were a quite lot but i am not really so sure. i hope i can ride one someday! 🙂

i will tell you more about the animals i saw at the zoo in my upcoming posts.

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  1. They’re oh so cute!! Donkeys seem to be friendly animals right?! Can we make them pets?! Hahaha, just kidding! I thought of Papa Jesus riding on it on his way to Jerusalem… 🙂 🙂

    1. it is good to be back Roger, I just hope I can finish all the way up to Z this time around. Count me in on the 14th round, too! 🙂

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