jared’s little corner’s pasko sa agosto 2013 giveaway!

did you know that I got my po stuffed toy from pasko sa agosto 2011? mum won it from from mommy rubz who started this giveaway caravan to give back something to their loyal followers. it has been one of my faves ever since, that is why i am so delighted to share that this giveaway is back + that we are participating in it! 😀

about the prize

i am giving away this cool + nifty aqueduck to a lucky winner.   mum won this from another blog giveaway she joined about two months ago. i would’ve loved to use it since i am sure i will enjoy washing my hands in the faucet with it, but our faucet is of different kind,  the ones that stand taller that there is simply no need for an aqueduck to guide the water onto my small, chubby digits. am sure someone out there might be needing one just like it at home so this is your chance to win one! 🙂

why you’d want to win this? here are a number of reasons:
1. the Aqueduck are a fool-proof way to help your child reach the faucet so he can wash his hands at home or in public
2. it was designed for kids by a loving mum
3. it is pretty easy to clean and wash
4.it contains no harmful chemicals like Phthalates or PVC
5. it is BPA-free
6. and it can fit most faucets around

about our giveaway

pasko sa agosto giveaway caravan is created to make it easy-peasy for the joiners to join so we have pretty simple giveaway mechanics. only the first task is mandatory + the rest is optional {but i suggest you complete them all for more chances of winning! ;)}this giveaway is open to everyone who has a philippine mailing address, 18 years old + up. this runs from 07 august until mum’s birthday, 28 august. winners will be announced on the 31st. i hope you all join, just use the giveaway tools widget below. good luck + an awesome august to all! 😀

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    1. thanks for bringing that up, i will go take a loot at the giveaway widget now. noted your url. thanks for joining + good luck! ^_^

  1. I hope to win. Thank you!

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    1. there was a little error with our giveaway, tita, do you mind doing it again, mum just edited the giveaway tool widget. thanks heaps! 😉

    1. there was a little error with our giveaway tool widget, but is has now been corrected, do you mind putting up your url again? thanks + good luck! 🙂

    1. sorry about that I just edited the giveaway widget, do you mind putting if up on the form again? thank you + good luck 🙂

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