kids in doodles: another playschool doodle

hello everyone! i hope you are all safe + warm even when there is a storm looming about. i was peering into our window every too often waiting for the sun to come out but no such luck. hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be much better when labuyo leaves our country, so that i can attend playschool + see my classmates.

pre-schooler, playschool, children art, Kids in Doodles

anyway, we are here for another round of kids in doodles + i will share a few more of my first doodles from playschool. one of our activities, of course, is coloring. this time around i have colored a bunch of musical instruments: a flute, a drum + a triangle. i also had to trace them first before coloring. what can you say about my work? 😉

pre-schooler, playschool, children art, Kids in Doodles

apart from coloring + tracing, we also do a lot of pasting + crafts. this time we made a colorful butterfly out of different cut-out shapes. mind you? i really do not like the icky feel of glue on my tubby fingers, so i had one of my teacher’s aids to spread them out on my cut out colored paper before i tapped them onto my activity page. i know mum will be thrilled to have me take on the glue with much enthusiasm but maybe some other time! 🙂 after tapping my butterfly into place, i also had to color the flowers + the leaves on the page. i got a very good mark for this work, so i must be improving with my coloring skills! 🙂

have you made any doodles lately? time for you to share it with us here. add one of these badges in your post + link up. make our hop even better by visiting the other participants, too! i will wait for your doodles then!


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  1. Thumbs up for this Jared! You’re getting better each day. Told you, just be patient… 😉

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