kids in doodles: coloring at playschool

one of the things that we normally do in playschool is to color. i guess mum will tell you that i am not too fond of coloring stuff + back at home i only do so when i am in the mood. at playschool, though, coloring is so much more fun + enjoyable since you get to do it with other kids your age, plus we get a very good stamp from teacher kai when we finish our work. this stamp i get to show my mum immediately after our class is finished + she is so much delighted! 🙂

here are the very first coloring lesson we had at playschool. with a little help from ate april, one of teacher kai’s aids, i was able to finish coloring a bucket {colored it with my favorite shades blue + yellow}, a ball + a kite. i am not that good in coloring yet + my fingers tend to tire easily, but i am sure with constant practice, i will be able to ace this skill + color in swift, straight lines. 🙂

have you been coloring + what have you colored lately? share those awesome doodles with me here at kids in doodles. include one of these badges on your post + link up. do visit our other participants, too, right? 🙂

by the way, we will  be joining Pasko Sa Agosto giveaway, so please stay tuned for the giveaway post! 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry Jared, with help from mum, you’ll be able to master your coloring. But it’s not that bad huh! You did fairly well for a first timer… kisses 😀

  2. Buti pa si Jared di messy mag color… ang anak ko sobrang happy sa pag color puro lampas kaya messy mga work nya…lagi ko naman remind na ayusin nya…pero now medyo meron improvement K1 na sya.. 😉

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