kids in doodles: cool minion felt keychains

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it was a few days to go before me + mum’s birthday + i am going to have a simple celebration in playschool with my classmates + our teacher.  so today for our kids in doodles i will share with you another minion stuff that mum will be putting on my birthday loot bag. these are a bunch of minion key chains made from felt. they are sooo cute, won’t you agree? i am sure my classmates will love them as much as i do! 😀

mum bought a bunch of them to include in my small loot bag, she added a few extra which we plan to give to my cousins, too! i really hope we can get a few more so we can share some to our online playmates, too! ^_^

do you have something cute or awesome to share? link up with kids in doodles and let’s make this game more fun! add one of our badges here + do not forget to give some love + hugs to our other playmates, too! i shall wait for your entries then! 🙂

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  1. These Minions captured the hearts of the little ones.. and their moms too.. i’m sure jared, you will definitely have a blast on your birthday! 🙂

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