kids in doodles: another playschool doodle

hello everyone! i hope you are all safe + warm even when there is a storm looming about. i was peering into our window every too often waiting for the sun to come out but no such luck. hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be much better when labuyo leaves our country, so that i can attend playschool + see my classmates.

pre-schooler, playschool, children art, Kids in Doodles

anyway, we are here for another round of kids in doodles + i will share a few more of my first doodles from playschool. one of our activities, of course, is coloring. this time around i have colored a bunch of musical instruments: a flute, a drum + a triangle. i also had to trace them first before coloring. what can you say about my work? 😉

pre-schooler, playschool, children art, Kids in Doodles

apart from coloring + tracing, we also do a lot of pasting + crafts. this time we made a colorful butterfly out of different cut-out shapes. mind you? i really do not like the icky feel of glue on my tubby fingers, so i had one of my teacher’s aids to spread them out on my cut out colored paper before i tapped them onto my activity page. i know mum will be thrilled to have me take on the glue with much enthusiasm but maybe some other time! 🙂 after tapping my butterfly into place, i also had to color the flowers + the leaves on the page. i got a very good mark for this work, so i must be improving with my coloring skills! 🙂

have you made any doodles lately? time for you to share it with us here. add one of these badges in your post + link up. make our hop even better by visiting the other participants, too! i will wait for your doodles then!


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d is for donkeys

my favorite things, animals

we took on the abc wednesdays challenge a few months back but sadly we were not able to finish it all the way up to letter z. the last post we made was for the letter p, which you can read here.

anyway, we are unaware that the meme has just started again recently, so instead of finishing the first challenge, mum decided that we join the new one instead, + cross our fingers that we complete it this time around.

my share for letter d is a photo of these donkeys which mum took when we visited avilon zoo last month. they were standing farther away from their corral that i was not able to take a good look at them, but they sure look fascinating. i also thought they were a quite lot but i am not really so sure. i hope i can ride one someday! 🙂

i will tell you more about the animals i saw at the zoo in my upcoming posts.

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Tips on Spotting Replica Omega Seamaster Watches

grown up stuff, guest post, tips + tricks

Omega is a glorious fashion house that is founded in 1848. This brand is well-known for its top quality watches. Designer watches including coveted Omega watches are very popular with counterfeiters all around the world. However, replicas can be easily differentiated from the authentic things. Below are some tips on spotting replica Omega Seamaster watches.

1. First, you should examine the face of the replica Omega Speedmaster watch at issue with a magnifying glass (a jeweler’s loupe). You should check the font on the date wheel and on the face. If the font is offset or blurry, this watch is probably a replica. Don’t forget to examine the luminous dots. If the dots aren’t perfectly round, then the possibility of its being a replica increases.

2. The serial number is underneath one of the lugs. Don’t forget check it. If there is not a serial number on this replica Omega Speedmaster watch, then it is surely a replica. If you find the serial number but still doubt it may be a replica, please source the serial number on the Omega’s official website. In fact, many manufacturers that produce replicas print the same serial number on all of the timepieces they produce.

3. Please check the bezel of your watch. The printing of a replica Omega Speedmaster watch usually is blurry or out of place. What’s more, the bright dot at the top that should be in the center may be off-center. Sometimes, the bezel doesn’t properly click into place while it is turning.

4. Find a photo of the caseback that your watch is supposed to come with. Then compare it with that of your watch. The case back of an Omega Seamaster replica watch is usually close. However, it is not as perfectly close as that of the real thing. Sometimes, replica Omega Seamaster watches have misspellings and design elements which are not in the right place.

5. If you want to confirm the authenticity of your Omega Seamaster watch, the best way is to remove the caseback of your watch to view the movement. The movement of a replica Omega Seamaster watch doesn’t have a serial number which matches the number on the case. What’s more, the movement of a replica usually looks cheap. Find a picture of the movement of your model. Then compare the movement in your hand with the picture. Nowadays, this is the most accurate, although the most difficult and involve, way to spot a replica Omega Seamaster watch.

Jared Quips

These sure are nifty tips to bear in mind especially the next time you plan to purchase one of those Omega watches. They sure do not come cheap, so be on guard for those who sell replicas at expensive prices. Make sure to buy only from accredited dealers and shops to ensure that you are buying only the authentic ones.

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Choose the Best Broker

If you are planning to come up with a business especially if it is about buy and sell and is also related to finance and such, make sure that you have the best broker in town.

Brokers are the ones that negotiate with those interested buyers of your business’s services and products. They make the best to give good result that will work in favor both parties. Usually, they are needed in industries like real estate, insurance, and finance such as CFD trading. However, among the three, only the finance-related industry is the most convenient for interested individuals.

There are different kinds of businesses available when it comes to finance. You may choose among forex, cfd trading, or even stock market, which are also now made more accessible, thanks to modern-day technology and the age of the world wide web.

Forex trading and CFD trading are one of the businesses that are easier to invest in these days. You can easily start investing in both as they require only a minimum capital amount to start up unlike other industries. Broker, on the other hand, is not that necessary but if you want to come up with a good business, having broker is really the ideal way to go about it.

In terms of choosing a good CFD Broker or forex broker, make sure you opt for those who are licensed to do it. Basically, every broker should have a license, but there had been a proliferation of scammers and whatnot, to fool people, much like in  other industries. So to safeguard your future investment, make sure to ask for a license before trusting your business with them. Aside from that, check your future broker’s credentials and experience, too, as these can also work to your advantage. An experienced broker can easily deal with problems or events that might occur during a transaction. And above all, choose a broker who is passionate about what they do and in helping people achieve their business and financial goals in life.

If you really want to succeed in your business, getting the best people on your side will prove to be most beneficial.

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jared’s little corner’s pasko sa agosto 2013 giveaway!

did you know that I got my po stuffed toy from pasko sa agosto 2011? mum won it from from mommy rubz who started this giveaway caravan to give back something to their loyal followers. it has been one of my faves ever since, that is why i am so delighted to share that this giveaway is back + that we are participating in it! 😀

about the prize

i am giving away this cool + nifty aqueduck to a lucky winner.   mum won this from another blog giveaway she joined about two months ago. i would’ve loved to use it since i am sure i will enjoy washing my hands in the faucet with it, but our faucet is of different kind,  the ones that stand taller that there is simply no need for an aqueduck to guide the water onto my small, chubby digits. am sure someone out there might be needing one just like it at home so this is your chance to win one! 🙂

why you’d want to win this? here are a number of reasons:
1. the Aqueduck are a fool-proof way to help your child reach the faucet so he can wash his hands at home or in public
2. it was designed for kids by a loving mum
3. it is pretty easy to clean and wash contains no harmful chemicals like Phthalates or PVC
5. it is BPA-free
6. and it can fit most faucets around

about our giveaway

pasko sa agosto giveaway caravan is created to make it easy-peasy for the joiners to join so we have pretty simple giveaway mechanics. only the first task is mandatory + the rest is optional {but i suggest you complete them all for more chances of winning! ;)}this giveaway is open to everyone who has a philippine mailing address, 18 years old + up. this runs from 07 august until mum’s birthday, 28 august. winners will be announced on the 31st. i hope you all join, just use the giveaway tools widget below. good luck + an awesome august to all! 😀
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