Tips on Spotting Replica Omega Seamaster Watches

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Omega is a glorious fashion house that is founded in 1848. This brand is well-known for its top quality watches. Designer watches including coveted Omega watches are very popular with counterfeiters all around the world. However, replicas can be easily differentiated from the authentic things. Below are some tips on spotting replica Omega Seamaster watches.

1. First, you should examine the face of the replica Omega Speedmaster watch at issue with a magnifying glass (a jeweler’s loupe). You should check the font on the date wheel and on the face. If the font is offset or blurry, this watch is probably a replica. Don’t forget to examine the luminous dots. If the dots aren’t perfectly round, then the possibility of its being a replica increases.

2. The serial number is underneath one of the lugs. Don’t forget check it. If there is not a serial number on this replica Omega Speedmaster watch, then it is surely a replica. If you find the serial number but still doubt it may be a replica, please source the serial number on the Omega’s official website. In fact, many manufacturers that produce replicas print the same serial number on all of the timepieces they produce.

3. Please check the bezel of your watch. The printing of a replica Omega Speedmaster watch usually is blurry or out of place. What’s more, the bright dot at the top that should be in the center may be off-center. Sometimes, the bezel doesn’t properly click into place while it is turning.

4. Find a photo of the caseback that your watch is supposed to come with. Then compare it with that of your watch. The case back of an Omega Seamaster replica watch is usually close. However, it is not as perfectly close as that of the real thing. Sometimes, replica Omega Seamaster watches have misspellings and design elements which are not in the right place.

5. If you want to confirm the authenticity of your Omega Seamaster watch, the best way is to remove the caseback of your watch to view the movement. The movement of a replica Omega Seamaster watch doesn’t have a serial number which matches the number on the case. What’s more, the movement of a replica usually looks cheap. Find a picture of the movement of your model. Then compare the movement in your hand with the picture. Nowadays, this is the most accurate, although the most difficult and involve, way to spot a replica Omega Seamaster watch.

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These sure are nifty tips to bear in mind especially the next time you plan to purchase one of those Omega watches. They sure do not come cheap, so be on guard for those who sell replicas at expensive prices. Make sure to buy only from accredited dealers and shops to ensure that you are buying only the authentic ones.

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