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Here is another exciting giveaway for everyone to join! 🙂

Because of the overwhelming response to the first Drypers Giveaway, Lovingly Mama is bringing it back! Yippeee! Thanks to the generosity of Drypers, there will be more prizes! Seven lucky winners of 200ml bottles of Drypers Bath Accessories will be picked next month.

The new line of Drypers Baby Bath Accessories, namely the Drypers Baby Head to Toe Wash, Drypers Baby Shampoo, and Drypers Baby Bath will help you Bathe your Baby with Love. All of them come in 100ml, 200ml, and 750ml bottles. They also have the new Drypers Baby Wipes. What’s unique about the Drypers bath products is that they are all have soothing, calming, and moisturizing effects on baby. They contain Oat Kernel that soothes and calms baby’s skin. Meanwhile, the Panthenol or Provitamin B5 is the active ingredient that moisturizes baby’s skin.

The Drypers Baby Bath Collection:

giveaways, announcement, baby giveaways

As usual, this will be an easy-peasy Rafflecopter-powered event. All you need to do is fulfill the mandatory likes asked below + you are all set!

7 lucky winners will win one of these nice prizes from Drypers:

giveaways, announcement, baby giveaways

This blog giveaway is open only to Philippine residents and those with valid Philippine addresses where Lovingly Mama can mail the prizes. The Rafflecopter widget will be open from September 20 to October 10, 2013.

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  1. We just love to read his baby sheep book, talk, giggle and just cuddle. We live in sta. maria, bulacan.

  2. I keep my two year old granddaughter everyday for my daughter while she is at work, and my special bonding time with my granddaughter is when I lay down and sing to her when she takes her afternoon nap.

  3. My cherished bonding time with baby is when he’s about to take a nap and he breast feeds from me. I’m from Cavite, Philippines.

  4. My cherished time with my baby is when I change her diaper with drypers and seeing her happy after.

    Cavite city

  5. My most cherished moments with my son is when I am breastfeeding him. I sing songs and talk to him as he looks up at me smiling 🙂

    We’re from ILOILO!

  6. My most cherished moments with my baby is watching his favorite thomas and friends movie with him..


  7. My baby is coming soon. I hope to share with him many things especially feeding time and bath time with Drypers.

    From Iloilo here. <3

  8. My most chershed moments with my son is when we read story books, bedtime stories and playing rough. I’m from Antique, West Visayas.

  9. My cherished bonding time with baby is when we are Playing, Laughing and also when he eats his foods.

    I Live in Valenzuela City.

  10. My cherished bonding moment with my daughter is playing with her stuffed toys after a morning bath.

    -Cagayan de Oro City

  11. my most cherished bonding moment with my daughter is when bath time and teaching her a lot of things I know she needs to learn.

    -Baliuag, Bulacan

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  12. Our cherished bonding moment is reading his favorite book about trucks.

    We’re living in Baguio City.

  13. my special bonding time with my baby is when she sleeps on my chest…it somehow connects both of us specially when she stares at me before she close her eyes to sleep. It makes me feel that I give her the feeling of happiness and trust.

    I live in Paranaque City

  14. My cherished bonding with my baby niece is when we sing and storytelling, seeing her smile and wonder. From Pasig City

  15. my most cherished moment with my baby is when I take a break from work, we sleep in one bed for a more relaxing day ahead of work and that makes me more inspired and look forward to going home at the end of the day. I’m from Las Pinas City

  16. as a full time mom and mother of four i just love every moment i spent with my babies. everything we do is a bonding moment to the time they wake up and rest in bed..i just love to be with them every single moment of my life and will cherish those moment were together for the rest of my life since they will just be a baby for a short period of time.

  17. My cherished bonding time with my baby is when we are going to sleep she really loves to cuddle with me and thats only the time she really talks a lot to me coz at day time shes busy playing so at night we sleep thats the most cherished moment with my baby 🙂

  18. What is your cherished bonding time with baby? What city do you live in?

    As a full-time mom, I cherished every moment with my 4 year old baby and my soon to be baby. We used to sing and read books before sleep time.

  19. What is your cherished bonding time with baby?
    everyday is bonding time for us. i see to it i will have cuddle time with them before the day ends.

    What city do you live in?
    Pasig City

  20. Well there would be something to cherish about but then I lost my baby when it is still in my womb for only 3 months.. i’m joining this contest so i can be excited again for having a baby since loosing my little one is so hard for my husband and me.

    I’m from Angono, Rizal
    now Antipolo City

    1. am so sorry for your loss. it is good that you are keeping a positive attitude! am sure you will be given another angel soon enough. my mum + dad waited for 5 years before i came 😀

  21. My cherished bonding time is when my son is nursing – skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, talking, and letting him nap in my arms when he’s full. (We’re near Traverse City in northern Michigan).

  22. My most cherished moment with my kid is almost every minute we are together. I make sure to have quality time with him by playing, watching movies, reading and doing household chores together. We cuddle most of the time, he asks for it ” mama, lambing mo ko”..

    I live in Bulacan. 🙂

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