kids in doodles: my playschool birthday celebration

hello again playmates! time flies too quickly + it is the “ber” months already. we almost failed to notice as we are too busy last week for me + mum;s birthday. i wish i could invite you all to our celebration but since you cannot join, for this week’s kids in doodles, i will tell you all about my birthday party! 😀

we had a simple celebration a day before my birthday at my playschool + all my classmates + my teacher were there to celebrate with us! it was a minion-themed birthday party + teacher kai made this cool minion cake + cupcakes just for me! 😀

mum prepared everything, with a little help from my tito ken, my titas + dad, too! we’ve prepared minion lootbags + prizes for the party games. a day before the party, mum + tita jinky was so busy preparing the balloons + the piñata. tita cecille also helped in cutting out little minions for our create-a-minion game!

on the day of the party, mum, tita cecille + i were in my playschool very early. we arrived before any of my classmates arrived! ates rica + april helped mum set up the balloons and put the piñata somewhere we can easily play with it. dad bought loads of candies to fill our minion piñata, he also bought spaghetti + chicken from jollibee! 🙂

when my teacher + classmates arrived, we started my celebration by creating our very own minion + coloring the minion color pages that mum printed for the occasion. we also sang our favorite action songs + got a number of stamps from teacher kai. miggy, one of my classmates, arrived late, but i am glad he was still able to celebrate with us.

after the activities, they lit up my number 4 candle + everyone sang a birthday song for me. i was a little excited i blew the candle before the birthday song even started that we had to do it over again! 😀 we then ate the jollibee meals prepared for us.

my favorite part of the celebration is when mum + i got to pull on the piñata + a gazillion of candies dropped! everyone was busy picking candies + lollipops everywhere! i enjoyed it so much i wanted to do it again! 😀 we were not able to do anymore games as my boy classmates + i were not too keen to participate!

mum distributed our minion lootbags afterwards + gave each of my classmates a prize. everyone loved the minion toys + key chain we have included in our loot.

mum said this is the very first party that i actually enjoyed + appreciated, she mused that maybe because i am a bit grown up now + have finally learned to appreciate stuff like this. it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life + i thank everyone who was part of it. ^_^

time for you to share your exciting experience last week, it can be anything you did or made last week. include one of our badges + link up. do not forget to drop by the other participants to make our gave even more fun, right? i will wait for your colorful doodles then! 🙂

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  1. Happy birthday again, little man! Love your cake! I know someone who would be green with envy seeing that cake. She loves minions so much her FB wall is flooded with minions photo.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday party! You’ll enjoy next year’s party even more. Wishing you good health and lots of blessing for you and your mum, Jared!

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