the boogie babes luv bw giveaway!

Welcome to the #BoogieBabesLuvBW Giveaway!!
This giveaway is Hosted by the AWESOME members of the  
The Boogie Babes Saline Ambassador group and a few dozen of 
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As members of this Special Saline Ambassador group (Boogie Babes) it is our goal/duty to tell everyone we know about how great and useful Boogie Wipes, Pampers Kandoo and Puffs Fresh Faces products really are!

The giveaway is Co-Hosted by
Jennifer from Mama Dove on a Box
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Rika from thedealmatchmaker

Thanks Gang!

Boogie WipesBoogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft and scented in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol (for extra stuffy noses), Simply Unscented and Boogieberry, Boogie Wipes are recommended by Pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue. Boogie Wipes are available in 10, 30, 45 and 90 count packages. The newest product from Boogie wipes is the Boogie Mist  Gentle Saline Mist.
Pampers Kandoo Line of Kid Friendly products – Handsoap, Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer specifically designed to help children get clean on their own.
  • Made with natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and hair
  • Mild formulas with no sulfates, parabens or phthalates
  • Easy to use pumps and great scents that make kids want to get clean
  • Unique bottles that are designed to be fun and easy to use
Puffs Fresh Faces ~ patented and uniquely formulated with Natural saline, 
aloe, and  vitamin E for all your face has to face each day.  
They are available in Fresh scent, Light Lavendar, fragrance free and the scent of Vicks. available in 45 and 15 count packages!
ONTO the Giveaway~ Thanks to our wonderful Hosts and co-hosts, There are 5 Great prize packages available to be won as part of THIS giveaway! 
To enter scroll down and enter via the rafflecopter gadget below.

prize package #1

Pampers Kandoo wash your hands Magic Melon scent moisturizing hand soap, 30 count fresh scent Boogie Wipes, 15 count Puffs Fresh Faces fresh scent wipes, 10 Puffs Fresh Faces fresh scent samples, 10 Puffs Fresh faces samples with a scent of Vicks and 20 $1 off coupons for Puffs Fresh Faces!

prize package #2

30 count Boogie wipes fresh scent, full size bottle of Pampers Kandoo Detangler, 10 samples of Puffs Fresh Faces fresh scent, 10 samples of Puffs Fresh Faces with the scent of Vicks and 20 $1 off coupons for Puffs Fresh Faces!

prize package #3

45 count Puffs Fresh Faces fragrance free wipes, 10 Puffs Fresh Faces samples fresh scent wipes, 10 Puffs Fresh Faces samples with a scent of Vicks and 20 $1 off coupons for Puffs Fresh faces!

prize package #4

90 count tub of Boogie Wipes fresh scent, 10 samples of Boogie wipes fresh scent and 10 50 cent off coupons for Boogie Wipes!

prize package #5

90 count tub of grape Boogie Wipes, Pampers Kandoo detangler, Pampers Kandoo Clean your body Body Wash, 5 samples of Puffs Fresh Faces with a scent of Vicks, 5 samples of Puffs Fresh Faces fresh scent, 5 samples of Boogie Wipes fresh scent, 10 $1 off coupons for Puffs Fresh faces wipes and 5 50 cents off coupons for Boogie Wipes

Also, EACH of the follow pages have prizes ranging from 
samples to Gift cards!

Giveaway ends 9/24.

Winning entries will be verified before prizes are awarded.

Good Luck! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  jared’s little corner is not responsible for the awarding of the prizes.  The Host is responsible for prize fulfillment.  If you have any questions about this giveaway, or would like to sponsor the next giveaway please email the host at This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Boogie wipes, Pampers Kandoo OR Puffs Fresh faces.

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the teenage mutant ninja turtles

toys, toddlers, my favorite things, cartoons, cartoon characters, teenage mutant ninja turtles

the teenage mutant ninja turtles are my new favorites! mum + dad gifted me with a set of these cool turtle action figures for my birthday + i was so excited to play with them! the turtle team include: michelangelo, leonardo {my fave turtle}, raphael + donatello. they have these cool moves together with cool weapons to beat the baddy shredder + his army of bad guys. leo is an expert in niten ryu, mikey loves to waive his nunchucks around, donnie can always be seen wielding his naginata while you wouldn’t even dream of crossing rap + his sais.

toys, toddlers, my favorite things, cartoons, cartoon characters, teenage mutant ninja turtles

here are a few trivia about the turtles:

leonardo ~ is leader + king of katana swords. hardworking, honorable + respectful leonardo is the turtles’ fearless leader. driven to be the perfect hero, leo’s in experience + often rowdy brothers so  metimes get in the way of his goal.

michelangelo ~ jokester + hard-hitting nunchuck hero. impulsive, creative + very social, michelangelo is the heart + soul of the ninja turtles. the runt of the litter, he might be the smallest of his mutant brothers, but that doesn’t make him the weakest, just harder to catch. enemies beware! michelangelo is the master of the kusarigama, nunchucks with a secret + a sharp surprise!

donatello ~ inventor + weaponeer! inventive + detail-oriented, donatello maybe the only mutant turtles that doesn’t mind a little time indoors. after all, where would the ninja teens be without all  his incredible battle creations? from the shellraiser to the robot metalhead, donatello’s mind is just as sharp as the blade of his naginata bo staff!

raphael ~ hot head + sharp sai expert! tough, quick to act + hot-tempered, raphael’s a powder keg ready to explode on unsuspecting enemies everywhere! the biggest of his mutant brothers, raph has a “why sneak around when you can bash some heads instead?” attitude. master of the twin sais, these three-pronged blades are the perfect reflection of their owner, sharp + to the point!

toys, toddlers, my favorite things, cartoons, cartoon characters, teenage mutant ninja turtles

i also enjoyed watching all their old films, too! i think it was amusing that my mum also used to like the teenage mutant ninja turtles when she was a little girl + leo was her favorite, too 😀

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kids in doodles: my playschool birthday celebration

hello again playmates! time flies too quickly + it is the “ber” months already. we almost failed to notice as we are too busy last week for me + mum;s birthday. i wish i could invite you all to our celebration but since you cannot join, for this week’s kids in doodles, i will tell you all about my birthday party! 😀

we had a simple celebration a day before my birthday at my playschool + all my classmates + my teacher were there to celebrate with us! it was a minion-themed birthday party + teacher kai made this cool minion cake + cupcakes just for me! 😀

mum prepared everything, with a little help from my tito ken, my titas + dad, too! we’ve prepared minion lootbags + prizes for the party games. a day before the party, mum + tita jinky was so busy preparing the balloons + the piñata. tita cecille also helped in cutting out little minions for our create-a-minion game!

on the day of the party, mum, tita cecille + i were in my playschool very early. we arrived before any of my classmates arrived! ates rica + april helped mum set up the balloons and put the piñata somewhere we can easily play with it. dad bought loads of candies to fill our minion piñata, he also bought spaghetti + chicken from jollibee! 🙂

when my teacher + classmates arrived, we started my celebration by creating our very own minion + coloring the minion color pages that mum printed for the occasion. we also sang our favorite action songs + got a number of stamps from teacher kai. miggy, one of my classmates, arrived late, but i am glad he was still able to celebrate with us.

after the activities, they lit up my number 4 candle + everyone sang a birthday song for me. i was a little excited i blew the candle before the birthday song even started that we had to do it over again! 😀 we then ate the jollibee meals prepared for us.

my favorite part of the celebration is when mum + i got to pull on the piñata + a gazillion of candies dropped! everyone was busy picking candies + lollipops everywhere! i enjoyed it so much i wanted to do it again! 😀 we were not able to do anymore games as my boy classmates + i were not too keen to participate!

mum distributed our minion lootbags afterwards + gave each of my classmates a prize. everyone loved the minion toys + key chain we have included in our loot.

mum said this is the very first party that i actually enjoyed + appreciated, she mused that maybe because i am a bit grown up now + have finally learned to appreciate stuff like this. it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life + i thank everyone who was part of it. ^_^

time for you to share your exciting experience last week, it can be anything you did or made last week. include one of our badges + link up. do not forget to drop by the other participants to make our gave even more fun, right? i will wait for your colorful doodles then! 🙂

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