a superman birthday party

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a few weeks back, mum + i attended the birthday celebration of my playschool classmate, don.  it was held at the local shakey’s branch + was a superman-themed party. don was in a very cool superman costume. there are a lot of kids with their mums + dads who  joined to celebrate the happy day. there was also a clown/magician who performed awesome magic tricks! there are also a number of contests that the guests were so eager to join in.

children's party, out + about, birthdays,

i was a tad sleepy when we got there, so i am not in the best of mood. mum found it hard to snap even one decent photo of me, but my mood changed when i saw one of my playschool classmates, miggy. it has been awhile since he went to school with us + we really missed him. he is such a cool guy + very fun to play with.

children's party, out + about, birthdays,

after the program was over, all the kids are called to line up to get some cool superman treat from the birthday boy + look what i got! the superman water bottle was my instant favorite. apart from it, i also got stickers, a puzzle, a couple of cups filled with candies, a superman mailman bag + this cool red cape which i hope to wear really soon.

children's party, out + about, birthdays,

of course, i never left the party without having some photos taken with my classmate + everyone else. good thing don’s mum, tita jhona, was quick enough to grab me before i wander off somewhere else!  it sure was a cool party! happy birthday again, buddy, mum + i wish you all the best! 😀

last image is from tita jhona’s facebook page {grabbed with her permission, of course}

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