Fall Clothing Trends for Boys

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 a popular print will never go out of style

Just as little girls attempt to put on Mommy’s makeup and traipse around clumsily in ridiculously oversized heels, growing boys often reflect the style they absorb set from their father’s example by clunking around in large heavy boots and insisting upon wearing those enormous baseball caps that bend their cute little ears. Children’s fashion year round is a mere mirroring of the fashions seen on the runway of adults but with the obvious differences for age appropriateness. This style essentially mimics the same styles we as adults monitor through our fashion shows and trendy magazines. This makes it no surprise that upon finding the most popular fall trends for boys, one comes to the conclusion that they are nearly identical to what is seen on the male models strutting the runway this season.

Popular Prints

With the enormous box office success of the Monsters, Inc. prequel, you will see plenty of shirts in your area’s boys clothes section with monster themed graphic prints. Skulls and crossbones along with other typical “punk” or “skater” related patterns and prints are rising in popularity daily. Stripes have been projected to be a major necessity in the trends for boy’s clothes this year. Of course the classically well-worn action heroes still remain a staple in the closets of boys worldwide. This year’s fall season has also catapulted the new trend for boy’s clothes with bold prints and V-shaped necklines. Be sure to never forget the eternal military trend that just never seems to go out of style.

Geek Chic Fad

You may have noticed increasingly over the past few years, adult males (as well as their female counterparts) are donning the larger and more thickly framed glasses and posting “selfies” on social media outlets captioning “nerd alert.” This phenomenon is spreading like wild fire and has finally reached our youngsters via a fashion type trickling down effect. Luckily, this is far from the worst trend to hit the streets. The look itself is sometimes referred to as prim and proper and often consists of patent shoes and peter-pan collars with a pair of thick rimmed specs to add that finishing touch to the ever popular smarty-pants trend.

Boys Coat Trends

This autumn season has become all about tailored motorcycle boys jackets paired with grunge jeans and various studs, chains and fringe. Another common fad in boy’s jackets this year is dark and bold velvets.

Popular Colors For Fall

Of course with the return of autumn, come the familiar tried and true dark hues as common as the months bring cooler weather. Though this fall season is no different, we will however see much less dull colors yet still seasonally appropriate hues. Some projections on the runway have set a forecast possibly filled with hints of pastels but the vast consensus of fashion insiders agree this season will be bursting with bold and cheerful colors utilized in creative new ways. When it comes to colors and hues, this season is all about individuality and unique expression with pops of vivid color, luminous tones, and painterly patterns and prints.

Jared’s Quips

These sure are nifty tips to keep little boys looking great even during the chilly Fall season. Go tell your mums, as for me, I only wish we had fall here in our corner of the world! 🙂

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