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trying one of those educational online games in our desktop

Many kids love online games and would spend all day in front of their computers if you let them. So mums and dads will be pleased to know that they can easily find loads of safe educational online games for kids of all ages to enjoy. Learning games are good for younger kids, helping to prepare them for pre-school and school, and encouraging them to see learning as fun.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price has a range of accessible, fun, and educational games for babies, toddlers and preschool children to play. You can choose from matching games, coloring games, story games, and a whole variety of other fun activities. Select games based on the learning target, such as ABC or 123, or simply choose the ones that look like fun! It’s all free and safe for kids to enjoy.


The Cbeebies website is bright, colorful and very appealing for little kids to browse around. Games are based on favorite television characters, and include sound games, science games and picture games. Kids get medals and applause for completing games. Older kids will find more games on the BBC website, which are tied in to ages, grades and learning targets in maths, literacy and science.

Sesame Street

Kids of all ages love the fun and quirky Sesame Street characters and will have a ball playing these funny games. Check out ‘Count me to Sheep’ – a brilliantly simple counting game with acrobat sheep! Or play an imagination game with ‘Elmo the Musical’. The website includes tips and hints to play along with your kids and keep the games going offline too.

Disney Junior

Based on favorite Disney shows, these games are beautifully designed with lots of different fun activities for your child to do, as well as videos to watch and interactive art galleries to enjoy. Try the Art Attack ‘Make a Painting’ activity, which teaches kids how to mix colors and lets you print out or post online their favorite paintings.

Jared Quips

We have a number of online games on mum’s mobile phone and my favorite at the moment is this kids doodles app where i can draw + doodle to my heart’s content. these sure are ideal in entertaining little tots like me! Not only are they great activities while spending a fine time at home, they are also perfect tool to teach + let kids learn. Disney + Sesame Street are just a few of my faves + I cannot wait to give their online games a try. What are your faves so far? I’d love to hear all about it in a comment below.

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  1. The twins love Sesame Street and Disney Junior. I’ll have have them try the other online games in your list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those sites are really great for kids your kiddo’s age. When my daughter was growing up, I signed her up in Disney so she could play and access some cool stuff. She outgrew it but she learned so much from that site.

  3. great online games for kids list! My boys are bigger now so it’s a bit hard to control what they play.. most of the times, they play minecraft and other FB games

    1. i wonder what sort of games will come out when i am much bigger! hopefully mum will still let me play them!

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