The Next Generation of Style Icons

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Children are growing up faster than ever thanks to the things that surround them within modern day society. Children have an overwhelming desire to grow up quickly and become miniature adults to the point where they are having strong influences over fashion. They are looking at role models in their lives, music artists and film stars and emulating their love of fashion and creating their own unique sense of style. Whether they are customizing clothes with the help of or demanding high fashion items, they are outlining their future style status.

We all look to celebrities for fashion inspiration and often attempt to copy their styles and incorporate a look into everyday life. The children of some of the most photographed and loved celebrities are quickly made style icons and become the ones to watch for future fashion influences.

Fashionistas of the Future

Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Her birth was one of the most highly anticipated in the celebrity world, with the two most beautiful people in Hollywood as parents she was sure to be stunning. As she has grown, Shiloh has shown her strong willed character and this has been reflected through her fashion choices. A strong toy boy theme runs through her attitude and appearance and her parents often refer to her as having a ‘Montenegro’ style.

Romeo Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham are influential in the fashion world particularly as both have made contributions to the industry through their own clothing lines and ranges. Their second son has quickly become a style icon and has even been made the face of a recent Burberry campaign. Romeo has a sophisticated and dapper style that most adults sport.

Mason Disick

The toddler son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Mason shows a dapper style that is heavily influenced by his father. Scott is known for his love of suits and the preppy look and has passed this down to his son. Loafers, chinos and polo shirts are regular features of the child’s wardrobe and he has often been listed as one of the best-dressed celebrity children.

Lourdes Leon

A daughter of Madonna was always going to come under scrutiny and Lourdes love of fashion and a join clothing range with her mother has made her a style icon in the making. Her strong willed attitude is reflected within her style and her relaxed, casual and almost indie appearance is popular throughout all age groups.

Willow Smith

toddler, guest post, kids fashion

Willow is only 13 years old but has her own music career and has quickly become a regular on fashion pages despite her tender age. She is unafraid of controversy and being outrageous and creative in her look even sporting a shaved head and vibrant colours in her everyday fashion choices.

Celebrity Inspiration

Fashion is a personal interpretation of the styles we favor and feel comfortable and stylish wearing and the world of the rich and famous create strong influences in the world of fashion, which are carried down to the everyday person.

As the younger generation of celebrity are making their transformations into style icons, the younger generation of potential fashion enthusiasts are preparing to emulate their role models.

Jared Quips

These young celebrities sure are worth emulating when it comes to next generation fashion, but also bear in mind that it is important to create your own style. As for me, I go first for comfort and all other aesthetic considerations come next.

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