tom + jerry maze notebook

jolly kiddie meal toys, toys

i’ve got a new exciting toy. we got it when we went to have lunch at the local jollibee recently. this is a tom + jerry maze notebook. i came to know these characters when i caught their films showing in one of the local telly stations. i think they were rowdy. that’s probably the reason why mum does not approve of me watching too much of them.

jolly kiddie meal toys, toys

anyway, going back to this toy/school supply, i think the maze is cool. you help jerry find his way around the maze to find his friend tom or to reach the delicious treat at the end of the maze. inside, you will find a find-jerry game, a matching game + loads of ruled pages for kids to doodle on. the only thing is this is quite a tiny notebook compared to the regular ones you see around. it might be a bit difficult filling up those pages especially for a toddler like be, but i like this toy, anyway! 🙂

i’d love to hear about the new toy you recently got, do tell me all about it in a comment below! 🙂

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