A Beautiful Front Porch Thanks To Christmas Lights

There is going to be lots of Christmas parties and reunions this year. One of these events is most likely going to occur inside your humble abode. Because of that, not only do you need to plan the party ahead of time, you should also take care to welcome your guests properly. Since the front porch is one of the places the visitors will see first, you have to focus your attention there. Here is how to do it.

Decorating the Front Porch

The Pillar Of Beauty ~ You may not be paying attention, but your front porch contains a column. Use it to your advantage. Hang the Christmas Lights you bought from www.christmaslightsetc.com/christmas-lights.htm there however you wish to. It can be parallel to the ground, or in a circular manner. You can even use different colored lights to make a statement. All of these will entrance the guests when they gaze upon it.

Colorful Poinsettia ~ Poinsettia’s are a thing of beauty. They are considered indoor plants, but you can easily put one in your front porch by using an artificial model. You can buy these on the mall which are widely sold during Christmas season. Hang the Poinsettia around the doorway and decorate it with Christmas Lights to make it more noticeable.

Hello Icicle Lights ~ Aside from the twinkly lights and cascading lights that you often use, you can also go for icicle Christmas Lights. They are white in color and simulate the feeling of having snow in your front porch. This is perfect if it does not snow on your place, but it can also be a good contrast to real snow, so you can always use it even if your whole neighborhood is coated with the stuff.

Ho Ho Ho Santa ~Who better to greet the guests than Santa? If you have a model Santa in your home, take it outside and put Christmas Lights all around it.

Be the star this Christmas by decorating your front porch with Christmas Lights. The presentation and decoration in a party is as important as the food and entertainment so do not leave this out.

Jared Quips

These sure are nifty tips on how you can decorate your porch and transform it into one thing of beauty that is sure to serve as a great welcome to your visitors and guests. We do not have a porch, but in lieu  of it, we have this welcoming Merry Christmas decor in our front door as our way to greet those who are thoughtful enough to visit, I think that will do.

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