kids in doodles: building blocks of fun!

hello again playmates! we have been away in a while for so many reasons + we are just happy to be making another kids in doodles post.

we were out earlier this week to watch the film frozen  and to take a stroll in the mall, which we have not done in a while. we’ve visited the toy store + saw these cool toys that i hope my parents will get me for christmas. we also saw this cool toy fair by  nickelodeon where those who will purchase toys will get the chance to have to meet + greet their favorite nick characters, including raphael + michelangelo of teenage mutant ninja turtles. unfortunately, we cannot stay around longer for the meet + greet, so we passed up on this chance.

anyway, we pass by a couple of kid-friendly shops as mum is on a mission to get me a new shirt + pants {probably shoes, too!} just in time for christmas, and while on our way to yet another store, we passed by this lego shop. they have a lot of  cool items on display. but what caught my attention was this table filled with a lot of lego pieces, which i think they have set up to encourage curious tots like me to stick around much longer while tinkering on lego blocks.

it sure is one enjoyable experience. i have stacked up too many lego pieces one after another that the tower i was builder collapsed + most of the pieces fell to the ground. good thing mum helped me picked them all up. i would’ve loved to stay much longer but it was time to move on to another shop.

join us this week + share your colorful doodles with us. do not forget to include one of badges here + visit our other playmates to make our game more fun + enjoyable. will be waiting for your entries then. have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Hi, Jared. Naku, my Sam would really love those Lego pieces. I heard you love the movie, Frozen. The Snowman’s so funny, isn’t he?

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