on christmas morning

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

how was your christmas eve? i was up all night that by midnight i was deep in slumber off to zzzzland. the grownups can’t wake me up to open my gifts + joined our simple christmas feast, but it was okay as i’ve already gobbled up a couple of hotdogs on stick which mum prepared earlier. so we just opened my gifts on christmas morning.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

i received two gifts from mum + dad. the first one is this cool lightning mcqueen remote control car, which i really love! the other one is this awesome bumblebee kre-o set, which you can assemble into a robot + a car. i also got this teenage mutant ninja turtles slate pad from my tita cel.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

tita¬†bel spent most of christmas day trying to fix my bumblebee car as mum helped her out. this is the first christmas we just stayed here at home instead of dressing up + going out. oh well, i don’t mind, i was in the best company + i was really having a wonderful time playing with my new toys! ^_^

i hope your christmas day was as good as ours!

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