toy guitar from t-mart as christmas gifts

toys, music, children products

kids loves music + i bet you will all agree! i love listening to different types of music + one of my faves are the nursery rhymes. music also plays a very important role in learning, especially for small children. it makes us more eager to learn about the things around us, as well as allows us to be more fascinated with language + speech. music also helps train children sharpen their memory + facilitate critical thinking. that is why it is most ideal that we are given toy musical instruments as gifts, especially now that christmas is again upon us.

toys, music, children products

mum recently picked up this parcel from the local post office containing one of those Tmart Guitar Packages.  i was so excited to open it + got this cool toy guitar after i did. the blue wooden guitar looks so much like a replica of the real thing, with real strings, too! it even include a guitar pick + a spare string. i love its color + how it fits the hands of little boys like me! i do not know how to play it so mum is teaching me how to strum + pluck the strings even though she does not actually know how to play either. am sure that if i constantly practice, i will eventually get the hang of it + finally learn how to play the guitar 🙂

toys, music, children products

apart from the awesome guitar toy, our package also included this cool Tmart Rubik’s Cube, which i also like. mum said you have to re-arrange the cube so that all similar colors are on the same side. she said it is quite tricky to do + not most people can arrange this cube. now, i’d like to give it a shot. i may not have succeeded in my first few attempt but i will let you know as soon as i did! i like this little colorful cube, too, + would want to bring it to our bedroom, but mum said strictly no toys in bed.

am sure your little ones will be equally thrilled to receive these toys for christmas. + did i tell you the cool guitar also comes in pink, for the little girls? simply check out for other great christmas gift ideas for your loved ones! they offer free shipping worldwide + what’s even better is that they also offer a $9 off on any purchases of $50, simply use the coupon code D9 upon check out!

disclaimer: we are not compensated for this post + was provided free items for review purposes. opinions + views stated here are 100% my mum’s

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    1. items from t-mart sure are reasonably priced. gives mums + dads more value for their money + a chance to shop for more items, right? 😉

  1. wow, you are so lucky Jared! I want that for Simon, too. I checked on the link. Yes, the pink one is so cute, not for Simon though.

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