from my mailbox: astro boy postcard

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check out this cool astro boy postcard we got last year. it came from malaysia + mum got it from one of her direct swaps. she loves swapping for postcards with cartoon characters, especially those that she’s sure i will love. we have just watched the astro boy movie so i was introduced to this character. mum said astro boy was already in existence when she was a young boy + there used to be an animated series of him shown on the telly weekly.

i enjoyed watching the astro boy film so i really loved it when we got this postcard. i am sure i will enjoy the cartoon series just as much, hopefully they will come up with a new one or that they would re-release the old series.

do you also love collecting postcards? let me know which interesting cards you received in your mailbox recently + if you’d like to swap with me, right?

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