off to school we go

out + about, pre-schooler

mum + i have a new routine now that i am back to attending playschool. i have classes 3x a week + mum + i would wake up real early so we’ll have enough time to prepare before we leave. after we ate breakfast, bathed and watched a little telly, it is off to school we go.

i look forward to each time we head out the door + have that morning walk before we go to school. i make sure i beat mum to the door + be the first one out of the gates, too! of course, mum would always try to stop me + grab my hand since it is not safe for toddlers like me to be roaming out the streets on our own. she made sure to remind me every single time to stay close to her and hold her hand.

but i am just glad there is this portion of our walk when i can freely walk on my own + check out the neighborhood. mum took a snap of one of those walks. what do you think?

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