kids in doodles: my very own diy frame

happy wednesday boys + girls, it is time for another round of kids in doodles!

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles
today am sharing all about the diy frame i created last year when mum + i joined the mom + me fun circuit. read on to know more about it….

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles

we participated in the press preview of mom + me fun circuit last year + we did 3 exciting activities with other kids + their mums. one of those is a stop to kidzart in mandaluyong city, where we got to make our own frames. it sure was a very awesome experience to be doing some arts + crafts with other kids.

we painted our black frames with watercolor. one of the teachers there helped me with my clouds + grass drawing, while i went on to cover them with watercolor. am not really good at this since i have just tried watercolor painting about 2 times! but i think i did pretty well.

fun activities for children, pre-schooler, Kids in Doodles

after finishing my painting, i tapped this ball and car cutouts onto my frame, i have also painted these papers with watercolor ~ blue for the car and orange for the ball! after mum put a number of big paperclips onto my project, i know have my very own diy frame + mum was so excited to display it at home. she placed a photo of me from my 3rd birthday in my cool frame + it now hangs in our kitchen shelves. what do you think?

by the way, for this summer mom + me has lined up a couple of fun to be fit series where mum + children can get to enjoy fun physical activities like yoga + swimming, you can read all about it in this post here.

join + link up your awesome creation with us. add one of our badges + do not forget to visit our other playmates, too, to keep our game fun + enjoyable. will be waiting for your entries then.

happy wednesday!  :Delighted:

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  1. Looks like a fun activity, Jared! Good to hear the Mom and Me Fun Circuit will be starting again this March.

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