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last december mum + went to a christmas food bazaar at eastwood mall in libis, quezon city. it sure was a lovely experience as i saw a lot of colorful food, am sure they were equally delicious, am just not up to the task just yet. apart from checking out the different food stalls that participated in the food fare, we were also able to look around and saw how beautiful the place was. + did i mention, we also get to ride the train inside the mall where mum also bought me a toy! 

out + about, travel

it was probably a bonus that we came here during christmas season as the place is full of lovely christmas decors as well as beautiful + dazzling lights. i guess mum got all too excited she cannot help but take loads of photos of me! 🙂

out + about, travel

one of my favorite spot here is probably this water part. am not sure if this is a mini pond or a water fountain for it sure looks like both, nevertheless, i enjoyed sitting on its edge and admiring the water below. there are small christmas tree structures right in the middle + am very sure they light them up at night. 

here are a few more photos we took that day:

out + about, travel

here’s a photo of me beside the humongous christmas tree! 🙂

out + about, travel

here is a photo op with one of santa’s elves, i think.

have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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